Tatun tours and limo service

Tatun tours and limo service

Newport Beach , CA
United States
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McKee & Company
984 Avocado Ave Newport Beach , CA 92660 United States

An interior design firm & retail showroom that aims to inspire customers with a unique mix of furniture, accessories & creative design. Home. The very word can mean so much. Often our highest aspirations for life, family and living are wrapped tightly around home. Entertaining, hospitality, rest, safety… both emotional and physical, and the creating of timeless memories all come to mind as well. Simply put, it is our desire to help you realize and experience all of what home means to you. That was our goal when we opened our doors in 1999. We wanted our friends and new customers to stop by and stay for a while in an environment that is inspiring, and feels as comfortable as a great home. We wanted to make both the selection of furniture and the interior design process comfortable and exciting. To best assist our customers in the process, our store has fully completed room settings that are not “canned” or mass-produced with similar looking product, but take on a collected look that many truly great homes have. We provide products of superior quality – many hand-made by artisans – that are unique, often with stories of interest/history behind them. And with over 200 suppliers from around the world, we offer a huge selection of accessories, table top items, and candles, those all-important finishing touches. In short, we provide our customers and design clients with the highest level of professional service and best products we can find, from countries all over the world, all while keeping our prices sharp and always with the purpose of creating home for you, whether with the assistance of one of our knowledgeable sales associates, or with one of our highly experienced interior designers. As it is our vision, and privilege to do this, I’m especially grateful to our staff and designers who are genuinely great people that put forth exceptional effort in their commitment to this end. We all, to a person, appreciate the opportunity to work and do our very best, for you. -Brent McKee

Private Club Marketing
20301 SW Birch St Newport Beach , CA 92660 United States

Lifestyle marketing, retention and communication expertise that inspires opportunity, influences choices and celebrates our members and traditions.

Balboa Beach Company
Newport Beach , CA 92662 United States

This is the official Balboa Beach Company Facebook page. The Balboa Beach Company is an American lifestyle brand owned by the Balboa Beach Company based in Newport Beach California. Also known as BBCo. the Balboa Beach Company offers active and casual wear and accessories with a style that embraces the quintessential southern California beach lifestyle. Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/BalboaBeachCo/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/balboa_beach_company/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BalboaBeachCo @BalboaBeachCo