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at 10129 - 150 Street, Edmonton, t5p 1p2 Canada

Providing home stereo equipment to the GEA - YEG - Amplifiers, Pre-amps, Loudspeakers, Turntables, Digital Sources, Vacuum Tube Amplification, Accessories.

3db Sound Company
10129 - 150 Street
Edmonton , AB t5p 1p2
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Attended Cmdr. Chris Hadfields' SRO event at the Winspear last evening. Totally captivating. His support of Arts, Music, and Social Media struck a chord with us. Of course we stood in line, along with hundreds of others, to have our copies of his books signed. And he promised to sign every last item from every last person that wanted it. Shook hands with him. Man has a grip. Were you there? What didja' think?

Published on 2014-12-03 17:23:40 GMT

And so much for November. Great month. Lots and lots of new friends, astounding amount of great stuff learnt and buckets full of consultation dispensed (and hoping it did all and sundry some good.) That much closer to a new speaker line that is both affordable for most anyone, has a great and well deserved reputation, and has a top of the line that'll slim your bank account but will be something you can pass on to your offspring. Another little secret in the works that you'll be hearing about quite clearly. Just finalizing the details on that one as well. According to the forecast, the weather is about to change to something a little more bearable so, if we can get rid of the piles of snow on the street, we hope to see any and all of you next week. In the interim, find some great new music to listen to and.... Drive smart out there.

Published on 2014-12-01 07:13:51 GMT

Have spent most of this day checking out an Allnic T2000 integrated amplifier for a local enthusiast who purchased it used from another colleague in Tarawwnna. These KT120s make some very nice music both in triode and pentode. Too bad we have to box it up and give it to him in a couple of days. Oh well - we have the 1500. It's not a tough life here.

Published on 2014-11-30 00:05:08 GMT

Ever have one of those days when you've been tracking an important shipment out of Tarawnna - you know it's on the truck, in Edmonton as of noon to-day, slated for delivery and your head keeps popping up to see over the computer screen every half minute so you can see outside to see if the truck is here yet? If you haven't (had one of those days) you should try it. I'm getting very good at it - just in case you need some pointers or advice.

Published on 2014-11-28 23:29:01 GMT

My thought for the day. We are expected to work in conditions like we are experiencing today, not only work, but work at our usual speed. If we had any sense at all, we would fire up a sweet sounding tube amp ( Keep us warm in body and spirit ) and listen to some music with a fortified cup of coffee and let the world continue on with out us. If you are suffering a chill come warm your hands over a nice tube amp at 3db sound.We have coffee great music and nice warm tube amps. Perfect for a long cold winter listening session. I wonder if we toast marshmallows over a tube amp and would there be a different taste between a EL34 or a KT88 amp or a subtle unique flavor to a direct heated triode amp. Sorry the snow has caused me to lose my mind. Drive safe keep warm.

Published on 2014-11-28 16:08:32 GMT

It occurs to me that among the very few people who might be happy about this weather on the highways and bi-ways are tow truck drivers, body repair shops and car sales people. The previous also sparked a recall of the chorus from a song by Dave Edmunds, "Crawling from the wreckage, crawling from the wreckage You'd think by now at least That half a brain would get the message Crawling from the wreckage, crawling from the wreckage Into a brand new car" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrURe9s572I#t=170 Drive smart out there people.

Published on 2014-11-27 22:47:20 GMT

Somehow I get the feeling that to-day might be one of those days where catching up on a lot of bookwork and creating a new sound system may not be interrupted by a steady flow of friends and clients. #evilsnowblizzard

Published on 2014-11-27 17:16:36 GMT

Heads-Up Announcement - Keep September 19 through 21 open for TWO electronics sales. Janita's Dad (former owner of Edmonton Radio) is doing a major clean-out at his house on the northside. More details on that as they happen! I'm doing a huge downsize of Revival Audio at the same time at our house. This one will (mostly) be an un-priced "pay what you want" event. Just toss what you think you is fair and want to pay into the jar at the door. All you have to do is leave a little something. And Don't be coming to me asking how much I want for any piece. If you do I'll tell you - and you're likely better off NOT asking! ;-) The Revival event is sufficiently large that 3dB Sound will close that week-end so both Howard and I can take care of the sale. Details will likely be here and in all the Desperaudio e-mail boxes within a week or so. Stay-tuned!!!

Published on 2014-08-23 22:52:01 GMT

(although it goes against my nature to do so) I have now created a 3hr long Playlist that likely wouldn't get me thrown off the air at any classic rock station. From the Allmans and Asia to Neil Young and ZedZed Top with a dollop of Clapton, Cars, Petty, Santana and Zep (among others - this is a no repeat playlist!!!)

Published on 2014-08-23 18:54:52 GMT

I'm supposed to be in audio marketing, consulting and sales. What the heck am I doing up on a stepladder measuring, cutting and replacing ceiling tiles? (actually replacing the ones damaged from our little roof leak from some time back. Of course only one was a full size panel. All the rest had to be cut to fit. But I got 'er done!)

Published on 2014-08-23 18:10:52 GMT

Last week I gave some of our recyclable bottles and cans and such to an older street person/collector. At the time we engaged in some conversation about music (his knowledge was rather impressive). To-day he stopped by and came into the store and we talked music and gear for almost an hour. To see and listen to him sitting in a prime spot and listen to the music and tell stories and tales was so absolutely great. Such was his passion for music - all kinds of music. Punk to Electronica to vintage pop/rock to Classical. So unexpected - So satisfying. Just made my day.

Published on 2014-08-22 19:26:51 GMT

Mail call, New Audio space mini galaxy rolled in today. Also new Audio Art cables, so we are back up to full stock on Audio Art. New Charisma MC2 cartridge is on it's way, Being the digital guy I find it hard to believe that it will be better than the MC1 but I can't wait to hear it. ( little bit of drool forming as I think about it ) Jac and I will have to decide what turntable to mount it on. The Allnic gear is impressive as all get out, I don't think we have reached the pinnacle of what it's capable of, but dam we are sure going to try. The big excitement for me will be the arrival of the new Allnic DAC this fall, we will have 2 world class DAC's in house. Digital shoot out coming up at 3db. ( DSD and tubes who me Happy, you bet ) If you have never heard a set of Lowther speakers we have a set in our small listening room, Do your self a favor and bring in a favorite cd or piece of vinyl and hear these speakers, they are legendary for a reason, you may love them, you may hate them ( I doubt that ) but you have a chance to listen to a pair which may never come by again. What it's only Tuesday, we aren't open till Thursday, good thing I have a key, I have a urge to hear Cast your fate to the wind on some Allnic 300b's and TFLO speakers,

Published on 2014-08-20 02:09:50 GMT

Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny... What? Really? Well - that was originally going to be the the requirement to get 20% off at 3dB Sound Company during the Aug. 21st through 24th Sales Event. Then we looked at each other (coupla' not-so-skinny white men) and then started naming names of guys we know and had to totally retract that. Somehow we just couldn't ask somebody else to do something we could not and would not do ourselves - no matter whether we do or do not like "yellow" or "polka dots" or "bikinis" - let alone see some of our friends come through the door.... nope... can't do it. So we came up with something that likely isn't going to make anyone throw up in their mouth a little. Here it is - 3dB Sound Company SUMMER SALES EVENT!!! Every week throughout the summer months we'll be giving 20% off select (most) store items IF you can fulfill the "Parameter Of The Week Song Title/Lyric" - Are You Ready??? This week - Aug. 21 - 24 - brush off those old "Blue Suede Shoes" (maybe a little spray of "freshener" wouldn't hurt), slip 'em on and the savings are yours! And give the 3dB Sound Company page a "Like" and a review while you're at it. We like to know who our friends are and what they think of da joint.

Published on 2014-08-18 20:26:04 GMT

To wrap up the week - Terry Flood (TFLO Acoustics) dropped by for a listen to the Allnic/TFLO combo - he's still astounded at how well this particular 12.5wpc 300B amp can handle his 87dB sensitive speakers. He was doing a lot of smiling. A little short on time but we managed to fire up some vinyl on the Big Rig. "Friday Night in San Francisco Live" (DiMeola, DiLucia & McLaughlin) and the always excellent "Famous Blue Raincoat" (Warnes). Hanns T60 turntable, Charisma MC1 cartridge, Jelco arm, Allnic H1201 phono stage, Allnic T1500 300B Integrated amplifier, TFLO Acoustics 340 speakers. Sure - that will set you up with a $26,000.00 (MSRP) system and you still need some wire to hook it all up - but it's a long way from what I know some guys have spent just on their turntable before the cartridge and any of that other stuff they needed. But.... damn. This rig surely does sound fine. The Allnic L1500 into the Woodham 300B and Lowthers is also sounding particularly good but I just don't have enough time in the chair to really start to drool a bit (although that will come - it was already close.) Howard is in the small room listening now. He may add some info later. That's it for this week. DO come see us with some time to listen in your pocket. Seriously worth the trip - seriously. Your ears will thank you. See you soon.

Published on 2014-08-17 23:26:46 GMT

That special little birdie we love to have chirp good news in our ears tells us there's a couple of special packages en route to us from a certain place in Kelowna. Which, of course, means our order of Allnic gear should be here by opening tomorrow (Sunday). #cannothardlywait