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The Biscuit Factory

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Keep the vibe, maintain the rave. Soundcloud: /the-biscuit-factory Instagram: @biscuit_factory Twitter: @BiscuitFactory

HOUSE KEEPING MDM8s 1) There are still tickets on the door. Get there when doors open to avoid missing out. 2) No dress code means no dress code. Shorts, singlets and tattoos are fine (as long as they are in keeping with Queensland Law). Wear closed-in shoes, don't get naked. 3) You don't need to print your ticket, as long as it can be pulled up on your phone to be scanned we good (just make sure your brightness is turned up). 4) BRING VALID ID TO GET IN. It must be either a CURRENT Driver's License, 18+ Card or Passport (pretty simple). 5) Treat your tickets like cash, if it's lost, it's lost. No sob stories to the Door Girls if you played silly buggers and lost it. If it's gone you'll have to buy another one. No hat, no play, capiche? POO RAVE AT 9PM, SEE YOU THEN

Published on 2015-01-25 04:18:11 GMT

So, do you want the usual biscuit factory vibe on New Year's Eve or would you rather kick on from your mates place to a New Years Day event?

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