The Caledonian Lodge of Dundee No. 254

at Masonic Halls, Artillery Lane, Dundee, DD1 1PE United Kingdom

Making good men better since 1814

The Caledonian Lodge of Dundee No. 254
Masonic Halls, Artillery Lane
Dundee DD1 1PE
United Kingdom
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Freemasonry….in a sentence…or two History:- Masons were building cathedrals and castles. Once one was completed they would move on to the next castle/cathedral in a new area. Apprentices were paid less than Master Masons and, to avoid them arriving at a new workplace, pretending they were Masters and earning more money for unprofessional, shoddy work, a system of signs/handshakes developed to tell one grade from the other. Hence the Masonic “funny handshake”. Today:- What do Freemasons do now if they are not building castles? We keep alive an ancient tradition with our rituals during our lodge meetings. We ease suffering where we can. We collect and administer aid to those in need. We give to many deserving charities both hi-profile and less well known bodies. We support the sovereign and our country. What’s in it for me? It makes you more aware, more helpful and more caring towards humanity. Its aim is to polish your morals, make you a better person and thereby a more useful member of society. Myths:- Masons get away with breaking the law because the police and legal fraternity are full of masons who let them off. If a Mason breaks the law, not only does he face the legal consequences like everyone else, but he has the added ignominy of being relieved if all his duties, his office within the lodge falls forfeit, he is subject to an internal inquiry and is sanctioned, many times resulting in him being banned for life. Masons give jobs to other Masons at the expense of more qualified people. Anyone who has a business will realise the inanity of an action like this. If your business needs someone with certain qualities and qualifications you hire the right man for the job regardless of whether he is a Mason or not. Your business would otherwise fail at the expense of Freemasonry and this is not a requirement. Freemasonry has been behind world revolutions. As there are many men who are Freemasons and all are free to follow whatever religious or political pathway they wish, it is not surprising that some have found themselves in these situations. They are there because of their own beliefs and not through any steering and ulterior motives of Freemasonry. Freemasonry does not have women members. There are female lodges. Freemasonry hates Catholics. Freemasonry aspires towards universal brotherhood and tolerance. There are members of all religions in Freemasonry. Freemasons are into devil worship. Someone who wants to become a Freemason needs to believe that there is a higher creative spiritual power for good. There is no room for destructive powers within the Craft. Joining:- How do I become a Freemason? If you know a Freemason, ask him, let him know you are interested in helping your fellow men. Alternatively, fill in the form on this website and email it to us, someone will be in touch. Freemasonry has been around for several hundred years now and it evolves, like many things, to stay alive and remain relevant to today’s society. If you feel you would like to help it grow and develop in the 21st century we look forward to hearing from you.

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If you wonder why you were never asked to become a Mason, it is because Masons do not solicit for members. It's a common misconception that you have to be asked when actually it's the complete opposite. If you are seeking Membership YOU must ask a Mason or a Masonic Lodge for an application. You must be male You must be at least 21 years of age (unless you are the son of a Freemason) You must be of good moral character You must have a personal belief in a Supreme Being (the definition of a Supreme Being is up to you) Note: Not all applications are successful but you would be duly notified of any decision. There are NO religious, political or racial restrictions for Masonic membership other than the aforementioned belief in a Supreme Being. Any discussion of religion or politics is strictly forbidden in a Masonic Lodge. If you would like to enquire about becoming a Freemason you can contact our secretary by email at: or you can send a private message via Facebook and we will get back to you a soon as possible or quite simply ASK ONE.

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