The Institute - A Recording Studio

at 37 Swanston st., Melbourne, 3000 Australia A recording studio / sonic playspace in the heart of the Melbourne CBD

The Institute - A Recording Studio
37 Swanston st.
Melbourne , VIC 3000
Contact Phone
P: 0427296319


The Institute is a recording studio/audio production suite/playspace just near Federation Square in downtown Melbourne. The Institute specialises in all the elements of making a record in between tracking everyone live in a big space and mastering. Increasingly artists are looking for spaces that along with low cost can provide personal and sonic isolation, a raft of the best pre's and some sharp mics. Together with a vibe reminiscent of L.A.Confidential and a whole host of toys on hand, not to mention the tales of a famed building, The Institute is a perfect place in which to shack up and complete all those overdubs and sonic experiments with ace gear at hand and for very little dough. Essentially the experience is akin to making an adventurous record in someone's cool loungeroom, only the gear is totally tip-top, the wall-paper is way better and you are afforded greater privacy. Additionally, we can go to you. We have a mobile rig that can be customised to your needs and taken to where you may be. - - - The Institute relocated to Melbourne in late 2010 from Newcastle where it was initially established in an old bowling club. It is run by D.A.Calf, a producer, engineer, musician and writer who makes records under the name The Book of Ships and was a member of The Hauntingly Beautiful Mousemoon and Ergo B Bag. Calf began his time in the audio wilds with a decade in live sound. From there he moved into sound for theatre and finally to producing records for others. He currently also moonlights in Single Twin and in Ballads. The Institute is powered by 100% sustainable means.

General Info

GEAR LIST: Rig 1: Pro Tools HD3. Mac G5. Pro Tools HD7.2 Plugins: Waves, Soundtoys, Oxford, McDSP, Digidesign et al. Rig 2: Pro Tools. Mac Pro Quad Core. Pro Tools LE7.4 (w/ MP Toolkit) Plugins: Waves, Soundtoys, Massey, PSP, Bombfactory, Digidesign et al. Ableton Live 8, Audiomulch 2, Logic Pro 9, Guitar Rig 3, BFD 2, Reason Lite 3, Analog Factory, Arturia Spark Vintage Drum Machines Rig 3 (Mobile): Pro Tools. Macbook Pro. Pro Tools 10.2 (w/ MP Toolkit) Plugins: Waves, Soundtoys, Massey, PSP, Digidesign, Abbey Road. et al. Ableton Live 8, Audiomulch 2, Logic Pro 9, Guitar Rig 4, Reason Lite 3, Analog Factory, Arturia Spark Vintage Drum Machines Console: Toft ATB 16/8/2 mixing console. I/0 & Conversion & Control Surfaces: Digidesign 96io. 8 Analogue I/O plus 8 Optical, AES/EBU, SPDIF Digidesign 888 io. 8 Analogue I/O Digidesign Digi002 Control Surface Digidesign Mbox2 Pro NI Maschine Mikro Novation Launchpad Preamps: Universal Audio 2-610 Dual Pre-amp/Eq Avalon 737 Pre-amp/Comp/Eq TL Audio 5051 Tube Pre-amp/Tube Eq/Comp/Gate Joe Meek Twin Q Dual Pre-amp/Comp/Eq Golden Age Pre 73 SM pro audio Pre-8 (8ch w/digital card) PreSonus Digitube Tube Pre-amp/Parametric Eq Toft ATB (16ch) Outboard: Empirical Labs Distressors (w/ Brit Mod) (x2) SPL TD4 Transient designer Lexicon PCM 70 Roland 501 Space Echo Eventide Ultra-Harmonizer H3000 dbx 160x Compressor Boss Delay Machine DM-100 DeltaLab Effectron II Delay TC Helicon Voicelive Create XT USAudio Gates (x4) Höfex Aural Exciter Alesis Microverb (x3) Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler Tascam DA30MkII DAT player/recorder Denon DNC680 CD Player ...and heaps of guitar fx DI & Reamp: LA Audio Active DI Broadcast Passive Link ReAmper Behringer DI-100 Active DI (x2) SM ProAudio DI4 Active 4ch DI ART Dual Passive DI Mics: Neumann U89i (Large diaphragm condenser) Neumann TLM49 (Large diaphragm condenser) Neumann TLM103 (Large diaphragm condenser) Beyer-Dynamic M88 Beyer-Dynamic MC 740 (Large diaphragm condenser) Røde Classic II (Tube) (Large diaphragm condenser) Røde NT2A (Large diaphragm condenser) Røde NT55 (Small diaphragm condenser)(Cardioid & Omni capsules) Røde NT5 (Small diaphragm condenser) (x2) Royer R101 ribbon Oktava MK-012 (Small diaphragm condenser) (x2) Shure Beta 52A Shure Beta 57A (x2) Shure SM57 (x5) Shure SM58 Shure Green Bullet Sennheiser e906 Sennheiser MD431 Sony F-27 AKG D707C AKG D19 (x2) Audio-Technica AT2020 (Large diaphragm condenser) Schaller 721 Oyster contact Monitors: Event 20/20 Tannoy Reveal 1980's AIWA boombox Cue Monitoring: SM ProAudio HP6 4in/6out/4ch Headphone Monitor Matrix Controller Behringer HA4700 (x3) Behringer HA400 ART Headamp SM ProAudio DI4. Beyer-Dynamic DT-990pro (mixing cans) Extreme Isolation EX-29 (x2) AKG K55 (x4) AKG K66 (x1) INSTRUMENTS AVAILABLE FOR USE: Axes: Rickenbacker 330/12 Fender Jazzmaster Burns Marquee (w/floating bridge & coil tap) Epiphone Black Beauty (w/Bigsby & coil tap) Modded Les Paul copy (Dimarzio p/up & electronics) Maton EM325C acoustic Maton M125 acoustic Ibanez 12 string acoustic Aria Spanish-made Classical Guitar (w/Fishman p/up) Lap steel Amps: Fender HotRod Deville 410 Fender HotRod Deluxe 212 Music Man 112RD Epiphone Studio Acoustic 15C Baez (1970s) 50watt All-Valve Dual Channel Head Rivera 4x12” cabinet Drums, Percussion & Miscellany: Vintage Premier Snare Drum Various percussion bits ‘n’ bobs including: shakers, triangles, cabassa, vibraslap, tambourines, woodblocks, clap sticks, maraccas, Egyptian tabla, dumbek, mbira, castanets, etc. etc. Collection of children’s musical instruments. Keys & Drum Machines: Kawai K5000W keyboard/synth Fender Rhodes MkI Wurlitzer Miller Pump Organ (early 1900s USA) Lincoln Chordmaster Reed Organ Yamaha SK-20 Korg Polysix Roland TR-626 Alesis Micron Roland SH 201 synth Yamaha Portasound PS-2 Roland SPD-S Sampling Pad Tons of effect pedals – Line 6, Boss, Ernie Ball, DOD, Jim Dunlop, Digitech, Danelectro, Electro-Harmonix, Pro-Co, Ebow, Ibanez, Voodoo Lab, Muza, Biyang, Death By Audio, Motion Sound, Crowther Audio, Demeter, Fulltone, Guyatone, Michael Sampson Custom, MC-FX, Vesta, Korg, TC Helicon. Please note: Many of these instruments float in and out of the studio periodically and may be elsewhere at anytime. When booking mention the items you are particularly interested in utilising and we will do our best to ensure they are present for your session(s). We can also arrange session players where necessary. D.A.CALF'S STUDIO CREDITS: ARTISTS: Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants - engineer - Sellin' You Salvation (Hoodoo Emporium/MGM) (Album - 2010) - engineer - Scat Song (Hoodoo Emporium) (EP - 2010) - producer/mix/engineer - S/T (Independent)(Album - 2007)* - producer/mix/engineer - S/T (Independent)(Demo/EP - 2006) Mojo Juju - mix/engineer - S/T (ABC/Universal) (Album - 2012) - producer/mix/engineer - Demos (2011) The Seabellies - engineer - Wave Your Fingers to Make the Winters (Independent)(EP - 2007)* - engineer - By Limbo Lake (Album demos/pre-production - 2008) Kira Puru & The Bruise - engineer - The Liar (Golden Records)(EP - 2010)(mixed by Rick Will) - producer/mix/engineer - S/T (Golden Records)(EP - 2010) Ergo B Bag - mix - S/T (Independent)(Album - 2006) - engineer – (Yet to be released new material - 2008) The Book of Ships - producer/mix(w/Scott Horscroft)/engineer - Dark Continent, Cold Century (nomachinethinking/Vitamin)(Album - 2010) The Hauntingly Beautiful Mousemoon - co-producer/mix - Cry Baby Cry & 45 Minutes, 7 Seconds of Bleeding Live Tracks (Rubber Records)(EP - 2005) - co-producer - The Mire/Cry Baby Cry (Signor Piggy Wigg)(Double A-Side - 2004)* - co-producer – Presents (One Henry/MGM) (EP – 2003) - co-producer - Four Early Songs (Signor Piggy Wigg) (EP/Demo - 2001)* Ballads - producer/mix/engineer – S/T (nomachinethinking)(7” – 2012) The Dukes of Erlington - producer/mix/engineer - Mind Asleep (Independent)(Album - 2007)* Ellen Kibble - producer/mix/engineer - (Independent)(EP/Demo - 2007) Nick Lovell - mix/engineer - (Album Demos - 2010) Faults on Film - producer/additional mixing/engineer - (EP - 2009)(Mixed by Scott Horscroft) A Disappointing Fireworks Display - producer/mix/engineer – (Independent)(Two tracks for online release - 2008)* Lander Configurations - engineer/additional mixing/editing – Of Smoke and Fire (Birds Robe Records)(Album - 2011) (Mixed by Mike Major) - mix/engineer - S/T (EP/Demo - 2006) Coconut Ghost (Alex Knight ex-Canvas Kites) - mix/engineer - 2009 (EP-2009) Goldifeather - producer/engineer – (Yet to be released EP-2009) The Understudy - co-producer/mix/engineer - (Independent)(Two tracks for online release - 2007) Leroy Macqueen & The Gussets - mix/engineer - Boomtown City (Demo - 2009) Boatfriends - engineer – (Independent)(Two tracks for online release - 2009) Cotton Sidewalk - mix/engineer - Evil vs People (Album Demos - 2007) Men Who Drip With Germs - mix/engineer - S/T (Independent)(EP - 2007) The Stain - mix/engineer - (Independent)(Album/Demo - 2006) The Skull Fishermen - engineer (Independent)(Album - 2006) Anousha Victoire - producer - Off My Skin (Independent)(EP - 2003) * The Mayfields - mix/engineer - (Independent)(Album - 2006) Tad Poedee - mix/engineer - (Independent)(EP/Demo - 2006) Shambhala - mix/engineer - (Independent)(EP - 2006) The Klaff Brothers - engineer – (Live recording - 2006) Danny Sullivan - mix/engineer - S/T (Independent)(EP - 2007) - mix/engineer - S/T (Independent)(Solo EP - 2008) Eve - engineer - Yet to be released (Album - 2007) The Sunny Mechanic - mix/engineer - S/T (Independent)(EP - 2008) Andy Procter - mix/engineer - (EP - 2008) * ABC Newcastle Music Award Winning record D.A.Calf has also had his work mixed by such engineers as: Rick Will (Thom Yorke, NIN, Björk, Timbaland, Johnny Cash, Gillian Welch, PJ Harvey) Kennie Takahashi (Beck, The Black Keys, Danger Mouse) Mike Major (At the Drive-In, Sparta, Coheed & Cambria) Lachlan Carrick (C.W.Stoneking, Lior, The Triffids, AIH, Gotye) Scott Horscroft (silverchair, The Presets, The Panics) Paul McKercher (Midnight Oil, The Living End, Augie March) Chris Townend (The D12, The Scare, Portishead) FILM, RADIO, TV, INSTALLATION & AV: Live Sites Newcastle - music supervisor/audio editor/sound designer/mix Synchro Advertising Agency (Website) - mix/engineer Bitter & Twisted Boutique Beer Festival TV advert - composition The Lovelorn Living Party – theatre show content - mix/engineer Sydney Airport Flight Announcement System - mix/engineer ...numerous TV and radio adverts

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boatfriends tracks are MASTERED.

Published on 2013-09-12 02:08:37 GMT

Poking and prodding a bunch of Boatfriends tracks.

Published on 2013-06-12 11:23:32 GMT

Woah. A night in the universe of cosmic guitars. Pulling out some old pedals and all of space.

Published on 2013-06-10 13:29:29 GMT

It's been a big week.

Published on 2013-05-29 00:08:14 GMT

So much Ebow tonight. Can't get the constant sine wave out of my head.

Published on 2013-05-27 14:56:51 GMT

Sad news. The Morrow Park Bowlo in Newcastle, site of the very first Institute Studio was consumed by a fire last night. It's all gone.

Published on 2013-05-20 23:59:40 GMT

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