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So we are into Spring... finally... and in the complementary health arena that usually sends people's mind into thinking about cleanses... particular of the Liver. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver is governed by the Wood Element which aspects the season of Spring. It keeps running through my mind however that I should put out a word of caution. So here it is.... Prior to doing any kind of organ cleanse please take the time to preface it with a colon cleanse... and here's why. We have seven channels of elimination to get rid of toxicity in the body... The largest and most commonly utilized is the colon. When we do a cleanse of any particular organ, for the most part the waste is directed to the colon for excretion. If you are constipated, or not evacuating waste from your colon efficiently - not going for a bowel movement for every big meal you consume... you run the risk of auto-intoxicating. Auto-intoxication is the reabsorption of waste into the body... and that waste will be filtered through the liver again... and there go the benefits of the liver cleanse :( ... and the cycle continues. I don't know how many times I've heard clients tell me that they started a cleanse purchased from a store and they ended up feeling terrible - auto-intoxication is usually the reason. Doing a cleanse too quickly in a body that is not set up to handle the evacuation of the increase in toxins will do that. A minimum of a week or two of doing a colon cleanse can help prevent that kind of discomfort. One of the best fibre products that I've raken is Lifibre from Unicity (formerly Enrich International). Lifibre, once the flag ship product of Enrich International, is a fiber product that goes beyond the soluble/insoluble fiber products offered in stores. What makes Lifibre different from the rest is that not only does it cleanse the colon using soluble/insoluble fiber and psyllium husks; Lifibre contains some 27 herbs that are strategically combined to nourish and support the other systems of the body as well. Lifibre is a powder, added to either water or juice, taken first thing in the morning. Lifibre is part one of a two part system.. the other part being Classic or Nature's Tea. These are both herbal teas formulated to support the channels of elimination through the cleanse. The difference between them? Nature's Tea has a bit of senna in it to get things moving a little better for those who suffer from chronic constipation. Lifibre acts like a scrub brush cleansing out the folds of the intestinal system and the tea works like a shower to ensure that the waste is flushed out. Access to both of these products can be attained at The Karyng Link. So... if you are planning to do a Liver cleanse this Spring be kind to your body by preparing properly for it... ensure that you colon is evaluating properly. And as always .... EDUCATE YOURSELF so that in your proactive management and maintenance of your health results in incredible wellness. I wish you a great day and the best of health :) (Disclosure: Having experienced the benefits of nutritional supplements for some 20+ years, I've always tried to find the highest quality products for my personal use. Often because of their superior quality they can only be access through a distribution network that generates a referral income. Not all products I refer are attached to this type of business model, but I think it's only right and fair that you know that some are.)

Published on 2015-03-25 00:53:13 GMT

So I thought I'd share an experience I had recently that tickled my "curious minds want to know" nerve. A couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful experience of preparing for a colonoscopy (as a routine part of a physical...all is clear :) ). I expected that I wouldn't feel very well as I wasn't allowed to eat for almost two days and when witnessing others go through it actually expected to feel fatigue. What I experienced was quite different. What I actually experienced was feeling the best I had felt in a long time. Some would say that by cleaning out my colon the opportunity for auto-intoxication was eliminated... but being that I regularly cleanse my colon with superior fibre and tea products, I got to thinking that it was more than that. And so I started to search for answers. And it might lie in this. One of the key ingredients in the purging solution is magnesium oxide, which when activated with citric acid becomes magnesium citrate ... which is one of the highest absorbable forms of magnesium. And why is that important? Because magnesium is important in protein and carbohydrate metabolism, is needed in DNA production and function, affects the electrical potential of cell membranes allowing nutrients to pass back and forth... but it is also an integral part in the PRODUCTION AND RELEASE OF ENERGY (ATP) in the cell. And that might be why I felt so energIzed!!!! I knew from my previous studies that deficiencies in magnesium is often the base of PMS... It's one of the reasons women crave chocolate as we approach our periods... apparently components of chocolate and magnesium use the same receptors in the body... I also knew that magnesium was responsible for the relaxation response required to balance the contractual effects of calcium (which is why it is important to take calcium and magnesium together a 2:1 ratio with Vitamin D). Frequent muscles cramping, restless leg syndrome, even coronary artery spasms (a significant cause of angina and heart attacks) and spasms in blood vessels (hmmm... could this be a factor in TransGlobal Amnesia?) can all be possible symptoms of magnesium deficiencies. There was more about magnesium I didn't know that will warrant further investigation that I hope to share with you in the future. For those who might be spurred to investigate magnesium for your diet know this... Apparently with all the addition of calcium and Vitamin D in food produces deficiency in magnesium in prevalent in North America. Magnesium is to chlorophyll as iron is to blood... It's the "blood" pigment in plants... therefore most of the best sources, not necessarily the only sources, of magnesium are the dark green vegetables... as well as nuts such as almonds, cashews and Brazil nuts, to name a few. What I found most fascinating is that because calcium and magnesium are alkaline in nature, they should be taken on an empty stomach as taking them with a meal will neutralize the stomach acids making digestion ineffective. I know from personal experience that taking a quality cal-mag supplement before heading to bed nets me a good night sleep :) . It's all interesting! I encourage you to do your homework as a part of being proactive in the management and maintenance of your health....

Published on 2015-03-24 16:20:43 GMT

So excited!!!! It's MOVING DAY!!!!!! :)