Traditional Pizza & Donair

at 100 highfied park drive , b3a 4x2

Delicious slices, pizza, donairs and seafood.

Traditional Pizza & Donair
100 highfied park drive
Dartmouth , NS b3a 4x2
Contact Phone
P: 9024343663

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52 burnside

Opening time

  • Mondays: 11:00- 00:00
  • Tuesdays: 11:00- 00:00
  • Wednesdays: 11:00- 00:00
  • Thursdays: 11:00- 00:00
  • Fridays: 11:00- 01:00
  • Saturdays: 11:00- 01:00
  • Sundays: 11:00- 00:00


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This is why I should never get down time ever. While at the shop. This will be on the next menu. This is a revamp of a pizza I made and showed on here a little while ago. Still don't have a name for it. Remember the holiday pizza well I found out a way to make it better. Cranberry salsa Fresh turkey Freshly made stuffing Mozzarella cheese Basil/ oregano Finished off with gravy.

Published on 2015-04-07 00:42:39 GMT

Happy easter everyone. Traditional pizza will be opening April 5 at 4pm instead of 11am. We want our staff and my self to have time with the families. So from our family's to your's have a safe and happy easter.

Published on 2015-04-04 23:37:36 GMT

And a final note to go along with all these pictures and posts. I give you my word. I christopher owner of traditional pizza and donair at 100 highfield park drive swear by the end of this summer of 2015. That you will not see a pizza or takeout restaurant that will be on the same level as us. In quality customer service or variety and consistency on the products that we serve with pride and dedication. We will be going the extra mile over the next couple moths with a complete remake and face lift over the menu and look and presentation of the store. You will see better delivery times as we will be hiring more drivers and more cooks and phone and front end people. You will see better and high quality products and menu items that you will jot see it regular take out restaurants. I would like to state that everything that is on the menu now will not change only that it's quality is going to be higher. After these past couple of storms we realized that we do not have essential equipment to keep up with the demand so we will be purchasing a walk in cooler in a couple weeks to help with essential storage. More donair machines. More coolers. More front of house seating. More staff and finally a promise from the owner that you will not recognize this restaurant or will it ever be ever compared to any dining restaurant that has ever been in this location before. Sorry for the long drawn out description here. But Dartmouth you deserve a good local restaurant. And your about to receive it.

Published on 2015-03-31 01:46:40 GMT

And the winner is Gregg spence.

Published on 2015-09-25 16:02:07 GMT

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Published on 2015-09-22 22:09:43 GMT

Winner is Tammy Adams.

Published on 2015-10-01 09:11:44 GMT

As a FYI. We are prepared if the power does go out in this storm. We have our generators all ready to go and here to serve you through the storm. Just be prepared for delayed delivery times if the roads are very bad. 902 434 3663

Published on 2015-09-30 20:46:04 GMT

Winner is Dustin pace

Published on 2015-09-30 18:16:37 GMT

Winner is Ruth caper

Published on 2015-09-29 12:38:17 GMT

And the winner is Lana lovett

Published on 2015-09-27 23:58:18 GMT

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Published on 2015-09-28 01:03:27 GMT

And the winner is Jim kearney

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