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About me Being an international athlete as a junior fencer I always wanted to stay involved in sport and push everyone else to be the best. After graduating with an Msc and Bsc in Sports and Exercise Science from Leeds metropolitan University the home of Carnegie Sport I was accepted on a Professional Strength and Conditioning internship at Nottinghamshire County Cricket club under the guidance of Head Coach Kevin Paxton and Sport 981 instructors Ian and Gareth Hall working towards UKSCA My qualification in strength and conditioning are: • NASM International Personal Trainer • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist • Level 2 Strength and Conditioning for sport • UKSCA Olympic lifting *currently working towards full UKSCA accreditation As well as my commitments to strength and conditioning I work full time as a professional coach in the sport of water polo. I currently coach the junior teams in Lancaster and the Scottish Ladies Water Polo team, England Talent and U14 GBR women’s team. I have gained a number of different experiences with Professional coaches, working in a variety of sports. I incorporate all my knowledge of playing sport as well as coaching knowledge to deliver my sessions whether it is skill based or conditioning based work. I have continued this into Academic research and am currently an Honnary research Associate at the University of Cumbria. Corrective Exercise Corrective exercise training is based on the National academy of sports medicine Corrective exercise Continuum, a system of training that uses corrective exercise strategies to help improve muscle imbalances and movement efficiency to decrease the risk of injury. Many training programs for conditioning the muscular skeletal system often neglect proper training guidelines and do not address potential muscle imbalances one may posses from a sedentary lifestyle. This can result in a weakened structure, increase risk of injury and leave the body less prepared for physical activity such as recreational and leisure activities. Corrective exercise looks at all ranges of motion in all planes of movement. Global (full body movement systems) and local (isolated stabilisation movements) can be assessed for muscle imbalances and movement dysfunction. From here a number of strength exercises can be prescribed to help correct movement patterns. Corrective exercise can be used by elite level athletes to improve performance or simply to correct posture and improve health. Performance enhancement Traditional strength and conditioning programs primarily focus on absolute or maximum strength gains in isolated muscles, throughout single planes of motion. Programming for today’s athlete must address factors such as appropriate forms of flexibility, increasing stabilisation strength and endurance, and training in multiplaner environments. The scientific rationale for performance enhancement is based on the NASM OPTTM model. This model looks at stabilisation, strength and power in an integrated sports performance program. This program will focus on multiplaner training while activating the entire spectrum of muscular contraction, eccentric, isometric and concentric. These exercises are also done using multiple modalities such as free weights dumbbells, cables, medicine balls, etc, whilst at the same time incorporating flexibility, core, balance, plyometrics, speed, agility, integrated resistance training and sports specific conditioning to allow an athlete to prepare for optimum performance and injury prevention. Personal Training Personal training can be anything from weight loss, muscle development, toning, body building, endurance, you name it. Personal training should be about training YOUR body to become healthy and injury free. My personal training sessions are based on a number of different models NASM, UKSCA, S&C for sport, LTAD and incorporate all my experiences of working with grass route athletes to elite level performers at a number of different age ranges in a number of different sports. You cannot build a strong house and expect it to last if it has poor foundations! Water Polo Water polo is a team water sport. The playing team consists of six field players and one goalkeeper. The winner of the game is the team that scores the most goals. Game play involves swimming, treading water, the ability to pass and shoot a ball. Water polo has strong similarities to the land-based game of Handball. I currently coach all ages of water polo player from academy players as young as 8 to senior men’ and women’s water polo. Water polo coaching costs: £30 for 1 hr session up to 15 participants Individual sessions for technique development: £15 for 30 minutes. *Costs may vary please enquire with full details before booking Fencing As a ex international fencer I now coach international athletes on a one to one basis as well as running introductory fencing sessions at go fence level. Fencing is an activity using bladed weapons. It is usually practised with the help of a sword or mini-blade. It is one of five sports which have been featured at every one of the modern Olympic Games. The sport of fencing is divided into three weapons: Epee, Foil and Sabre. Fencing sessions can be run in schools or as part of a sporting club. All you need is to book a local hall suitable to run around in. Fencing costs around £30 for 10 participants Individual coaching £15 for 30 minutes *Costs may vary please enquire with full details before booking

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