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Trophy Pet Foods is a specialist, mobile pet food company producing quality British made premium pet foods, delivered free & direct to your door via our nutritionally trained local advisors or via our mail order service.

Trophy Pet Foods
Trophy Pet Foods Ltd 11-12 Market Place, Faringdon
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We are a British pet food company who specialise in complete premium dog, cat and small mammal foods. We also offer bird seeds, fish foods, a countryside range, treats & accessories for all domestic pets, plus pet care items, feeding accessories, toys and food storage solutions. Caring for your pet starts with good feeding. The Trophy range of foods is designed to provide all the nourishment your pet requires in a carefully balanced meal. Trophy Pet Foods are not large commercial suppliers of pet foods who concentrate on manufacturing large volumes and market share. Instead we produce consistent premium foods of uncompromising quality. We specially select the best ingredients available ensuring that they are nutritious, wholesome and palatable. We then deliver these products to you via your local Trophy Nutritional Advisor or our mail order service. Here at Trophy we understand that high quality nutrition, appropriate to age, lifestyle and preference, is the first step towards enjoying a happier, healthier and longer life together. We also know that palatability, taste and texture are the reasons pets enjoy our food so much. Therefore we offer free samples or a free Trophy taste test in the comfort of your home so that your pets get the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’. After feeding Trophy pet foods for a short while you will be able to see the difference through your pet’s healthy skin, glossy coat, bright eyes, strong teeth and bones, healthy joints, strong muscles and fully functioning & healthy digestive system. Plus we are so confident that our foods will meet or exceed your expectations that we are able to offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee – ask your local Trophy Nutritional Advisor for details. We encourage you to read the label on your current brand and compare the ingredients to the Trophy range. Trophy Pet Foods have no need for small print and we declare in full the ingredients and analysis of our foods along with simple feeding guides. You should find that you do not need to feed as much food as you do currently. The feeding guides can be adjusted to suit individual needs. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives - Quality ingredients, simply made, delivered free - direct to your door plus the best customer service around from our network of local Nutritional Advisors.

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Its the first day of Autumn! Time to help get your dog's coat ready for the Winter. In nature, dogs are designed to moult twice per year. In the early autumn, the fine summer coat is lost, and a dense, warm winter coat grows instead. Then in the late spring, the winter coat falls out, to be replaced by the fine summer coat. These two seasonal moults are episodes of rapid, large-scale loss of hair, which are expected and reasonably easy to deal with. The dog then has minimal hair loss for the following six months. If this was the pattern followed by all our pet dogs, owners could focus on frequent grooming during these two annual moults, and then they would not need to worry about their pets’ coats until the next seasonal moult, some six months later. Unfortunately our domesticated dogs rarely stick to this simple moulting schedule. Nowadays, some dogs seem to moult continually, all year round. If you stroke the back of a dog that continually moults, you will find it very easy to pick up a few hairs, or even a handful of loose fur. And the dog owner’s home may be covered in the dog’s hair showing clear evidence of this continual moulting. So why does this happen and what can be done? Moulting is controlled by hormones that are stimulated by neurotransmitters produced in the brain. The bodies of the wild ancestors of today’s pet dogs had a continual awareness of the season, based on the environmental temperature and the day length. Their brains responded by stimulating moulting and fur growth at the correct times to ensure that dogs had the most appropriate type of coat for both the summer and the winter. Today’s pet dogs live in heated, artificially lit homes, and their bodies are no longer subjected to the natural changes of the seasons. As a result, moulting can happen on a continual basis, little by little, day after day, for month after month. There is not a magic solution, but a high quality, premium food, rich in vitamins and essential oils, definitely helps. Look at the Trophy Premium Dog Range - any food in this range (with their essential omega 6 fatty acids, high vitamin content and enhanced antioxidants) will help. A dog that is fed on a good diet has a shiny, glossy coat, with less hair loss, but the moulting will not stop completely. Try controlling the hair loss with the following tips: 1. Brush your pet! Regular, even daily, brushing is the best thing you can do to keep your home free of hair. Brushing will also make your pet’s coat softer, cleaner, and less likely to moult. Use the right brush. See Trophy News Summer 2014 for which brush suits what type of coat. Each different type of brush has a specific function and work best on the type of coat they are designed for. Available from your local Trophy Nutritional Advisor. 2. Feed Trophy pet food! A pet’s coat is often a reflection of what they eat. 3. Bath your dog once a week. A clean dog will have a healthier coat. A gentle wash shampoo once a week or so will clean without drying the skin. Again, this can be purchased from your local Trophy Nutritional Advisor. 4. Remove hair from upholstery and your dog’s bed as soon as possible. Hair that is newly shed is easier to remove before it works its way into upholstery fabric. A Car Pet Hair Remover is one of the best tools for removing hair. Again, this can be purchased from your local Trophy Nutritional Advisor. 5.Try Trophy Seaweed and Nettle Herbs. Nettle is reputed to be particularly useful in the promotion of a healthy skin and coat. Seaweed is also believed to be beneficial in maintaining coat condition and sheen. Together they could help enhance your dog’s coat. Again, this can be purchased from your local Trophy Nutritional Advisor.

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New Trophy Lamb & Rice Dog Food The last food to arrive for our fabulous re-vamps in the lifestyle range is Trophy Lamb & Rice. The improved formula includes: Enhanced coat condition package, improved vegetable content, fresh lamb inclusion and beneficial natural antioxidants. High in taste this food is suitable for all adult dogs, dogs that enjoy an active lifestyle and young adult dogs. Freshly prepared lamb has been added along with beneficial natural antioxidants. This food features an enhanced coat condition package - including b vitamins, particularly biotin; as well as zinc and essential fatty acids which work to improve the condition of the coat. Also contains mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS), which promote the beneficial intestinal flora and aid the immune system. Managing the gut with MOS allows for: nutrient digestibility, stool quality and intestinal health and therefore works to support the overall health of the pet. Ask your Trophy Nutritional Advisor for more information next time they call or have a look here:

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The New Trophy Van Livery - take a look here:

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Dr John Lowe, the Trophy Nutritionist and Sue Reid Trophy's resident expert wrote this piece for our Winter 2013 Newsletter. The Trophy Customer Hotline (01367 240333) has been very busy this week on the same subject. I know it is long, but it is well worth a read. Dogs and cats are living longer today than in the past. This is without doubt due to the combination of improvements in both pet nutrition and veterinary medicine. Studies have examined not just specific aspects of the pet’s needs and nutrient requirements, but also looked at lifetime impact of diet, concepts of optimum nutrition and the way in which nutrition at one stage of life impacts another. Nutritional research has also extended into the role of designing diets that directly support and are integral to the success of veterinary care, for example where specific disease situations force changes in nutrient supply to help manage the animal more successfully during the period of illness or in some cases for the rest of their life. Such diets, termed diets for particular nutritional purposes (PARNUTS), are controlled under additional legislation to that for conventional pet foods, and are almost exclusively sold by the veterinary profession. These diets should be considered as a key component of veterinary management. One can readily understand some pet owners’ reactions to being told that they need a “special” diet for their pet, particularly when they see the price. However, in some circumstances these specialist diets will aid the management of and the success of the treatment of their pet. They are bound to be expensive as they are difficult to make, use very specific ingredients and have limited distribution and demand in the market place. For some disease conditions the use of such a diet is for a limited period only and once the animal recovers it can revert to a conventional pet food. The return to one of Trophy’s top quality premium diets would seem highly appropriate in such circumstances, guaranteeing the pet owner the delivery of quality nutrition at affordable prices. The use of these diets for specific nutritional purposes should not be confused with the fact that like all of us, veterinary surgeons need to make a living. Consequently, many have turned to selling conventional pet food (often made by the same company as the veterinarian prescribed ones) as well as veterinary services. Selling pet food in this way means the veterinary surgeon can not only recommend a diet of his or her choice, but can actually earn from this endorsement, by selling from the surgery. Trophy Premium Foods and many of the Trophy additional ranges compete extremely well with those conventional pet foods sold from veterinary surgeries. When one looks at ingredients, nutritional content and the range of recipes which do not contain certain ingredients, they provide the pet owner with a wide choice with which to feed and manage their pet’s needs. It is easy to consult your Trophy representative in order to be able to make an informed selection from the Trophy range that matches the pet food recommended by the veterinary surgeon. However it would be unwise to consider alternatives if the diet was an integral part of the veterinary management of a disease or life-threatening, long-term condition. Let’s look at one problem. Food allergy - an adverse reaction to a food ingredient with an immunological basis - seems to have become a very topical subject and as such, reactions are often manifested as skin irritation. Sometimes these conditions are also called food hypersensitivities or intolerances. Given the wide range of foods and food ingredients our pets consume it should not be surprising that adverse reactions occur; but they are comparatively rare. The incidence often reported is 1-6% of all skin conditions seen by veterinary surgeons and no more than 10-20% of all allergic reactions reported; flea hypersensitivity and atopy, a genetic predisposition towards allergic reactions to common antigens, like pollen, mould, and house dust, are far more common. Plug in air-fresheners and concrete dust are less common, but can also cause a reaction. The causal agents of food allergies in dogs are considered protein-based and thus any protein could be the agent. However, the most common food ingredients resulting in reactions are wheat, dairy, beef and soya. Hardly surprising as these would be common in many dog foods and prior exposure is a factor in developing an allergy. The protein molecule has to be of a certain size to stimulate the immune system. A number of diets specifically designed for dogs that have developed allergies to food contain hydrolysed protein. These proteins, in simple terms have been made broken down into tiny fractions which the immune system does not recognise. They will essentially ‘fly under the radar’ of the immune system and not provoke an allergic reaction. These diets can be useful in cases where food allergies are suspected, but the exact culprit can never be pinpointed. The problem with the allergy-prone dog is that they can develop intolerances to any ingredient (or indeed more than one ingredient). Thus the preferred approach for initial management is to use an exclusion food trial. This will hopefully pinpoint the problem ingredient and thus allow you to select a food that avoids it. Ask your local Trophy Nutritional Advisor about the best way to go about this. Remember that treats are food too and these need to be looked at in terms of what ingredients are in them. If your dog is eating any of the ingredients most commonly associated with allergens, eliminate these first. It’s a good place to start – wheat, dairy, soya, beef. Try our Trophy Premium or Holistic Range, which contain none of these ingredients in the recipes and lots of key benefits for the allergy-prone dog.Bear in mind that it can take 6-8 weeks for skin conditions to recover, so it’s important to give a food trial a fair chance. Unless the symptoms get far worse on the new food! The intestinal tract may well have suffered damage so it important to make life as easy as you can from this point forward for the immune and digestion systems – Trophy Premium Lite, Trophy Premium Hypo-allergenic, Trophy Premium Holistic and Trophy Premium Duck & Vegetables are all very suitable diets to try.

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Every dreamed of running your own business? The Trophy pet food franchise features in the Daily Mail today. With thanks to our new franchisee Sharon Leicester and her dog Jake.

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Thinking of a new career? Read all about the Trophy franchise opportunity in the Daily Mail today:

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Food Focus - Trophy Special Is our best selling dog food in our mid lifestyle range. Loved by generations of dogs and their owners it is, simply, an excellent all round adult dog food. A special blend of our lifestyle and premium kibbles with added vegetables. It offers outstanding value for money and a range of key benefits: Fresh Chicken inclusion Glucosamine and Green Lipped Mussel for joint support Beneficial Antioxidants Mannan-Oligosaccarides (MOS) promotes beneficial intestinal flora, aids the immune system and improves the utilisation of all nutrients. Take a look here and ask your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser for a free sample to try.

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Lots of lovely new leads and collars now in stock. Have a look here: