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Encouraging others to believe in themselves. Offer hope to ones that want to change, appreciate all who seek help for a clean and sober lifestyle.

Tután Recovery Services, LLC
1675 C St Suite 201
Anchorage , AK 99501
United States
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P: (907) 563-0555


Tután Recovery Services is a faith based Alaskan Substance Use Outpatient Treatment Center and a soon to be a Batterers Intervention Program. Our program allows individuals to seek help with their addictions and behaviors while continuing to live in the community. We offer convenient morning, afternoon and evening groups. Our primary focus is on the development of healthy lifestyles and positive behavior patterns with sound, emotional, and spiritual growth. Here at Tután Recovery Service our professional counselors are here to help you and your family heal and move forward in a positive direction. Tután Recovery Services currently accepts cash, checks (ATR) vouchers and (ARP) payments through the Alaska Misdemeanor Program as forms of payment.

Opening time

  • Mondays: 09:00- 19:00
  • Tuesdays: 09:00- 19:00
  • Wednesdays: 09:00- 19:00
  • Thursdays: 09:00- 19:00
  • Fridays: 09:00- 19:00


Price category
$$$ (30-50)

No matter what your going through your not alone. God is with you, comforting, loving and healing your heart. He can do all things. Open your heart and let him in. 🙏

Published on 2015-04-18 07:34:53 GMT

Thank You for another day, to be better, choose better and encourage one another this day. It takes one positive encounter to change a life. Choose being positve.

Published on 2015-04-20 01:19:35 GMT

A Journey of Victories by Susan Hogan I was asked to write a story about the success that I have been told that I am. I however on the other hand feel much better calling it a story of victories. I have been on a mission for the past 20 months to alter, change, and rearrange my life. This all started when I was incarcerated Sept.9th 2013. I was forced to take the time to look at myself, my choices and my marriage. I made a solid choice at this crucial time to do whatever it took to better myself with whatever treatment programs that Hiland had to offer. I made use of my time in jail to learn from my bad choices that put me there. I chose not to make friends, but in the end of my stay had made some connections with a few people, who have since told me that I am an inspiration to them because I have followed through with the plans I started laying out for myself. It was during my time in jail that I gave my life back to God and trusted Him with whatever my future was to hold. I became involved in God Behind Bars while in jail and have continued to stay involved when I am able today. Upon my release on Dec 19th I was placed at a hostel downtown, by Partners Re-entry for a month. Could not get a job in that month and was scared I was going to be forced back out on the streets. That would have only led me back to my addiction, something I was not willing to do. The owner offered me a job for my room and was a big support in helping me get some footing under myself. He worked with me to be able to put my treatment and health appointments first in my life. He also payed for my air fare to fly home for a reuniting with my parents.. It had been 20 years since the last time I saw them. They were able to celebrate my 1 year of sobriety with me, what a special occasion that was. The prodigal daughter had returned home. 2 months after I was released from jail I went through a divorce. A few months later Tutan Recovery center took a risky chance on me and gave me a scholarship so I could do formal treatment for my drug addiction. The fact that they are faith based was huge for me. The fact that someone would trust me on my word spoke deeply to me. I had to prove to others and myself that my word meant something and holds value. They helped guide me through my emotions of my relationship and divorce, as well as gave me support and showed me that I had the strength to overcome. I graduated and have now become a mentor with them and stop by frequently just to say hello or to get advice or support. I have developed a strong and very healthy support network with several agencies around town as well as with my probation officer. I work with DVR for going to college at UAA, I have just completed my first semester. I am going for an Associate’s degree in Human Services with a focus on addiction studies. I have just gone through the process to get a variance for my barrier crimes, that was just granted. I will be starting a volunteer position at the Alaska Consumer Mental Health Web and will be looking at getting ready to start planning for my future business. I forgot to mention that I also graduated from the ANJC re-entry program. I do keep in close contact with all these agencies as they were the foundation for my sobriety and have helped me get to where I am today. I now have a place of my own, a job at a prestigious hotel, a vehicle and some amazing people in my life today. I have achieved all of this in just 20 very short months, they tell me that I am a success but to me it is a journey of victories. I could not have done this without Gods help and guidance. Without Him I am nothing, my success belongs to God. Susan Hogan 04/20/2015

Published on 2015-04-22 01:08:33 GMT

Enjoy this day that the Lord has made. Loving, Living Life Clean & Sober.

Published on 2015-05-17 16:48:21 GMT

I'm grateful for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon me, I'm counting them one by one. What are you grateful for?👏

Published on 2015-05-18 23:14:32 GMT

Another Amazing Success Story: By Amber N. My Name is Amber and I was asked to write a story about my "success". I personally don't feel like a success but others look to me as such. I survived and learned to live life as normal as possible. I have been struggling with alcohol since age 12, by age 14 I became an alcoholic. Age 16 I was living on the streets, sleeping in camps and under the A street bridge because I chose that life style just so I could drink. I drank a lot between the age of 16 to age 21. I got pregnant with my oldest child when I was going on 22, and that was my longest stretch of sobriety 2 years and 4 months because I was pregnant twice and gave birth to my oldest children. Then my husband and I got our first apt and a couple months later, I relapsed and began the downward spiral until OCS was called on us the summer of 2010, we became involved with a program thru CITC called Family Preservation Unit. I became pregnant with my 2nd daughter so by the time we started working with them, they said I didn't need treatment. My husband started treatment April of 2011, that same day his mother died unexpectandly and we flew out to the village, we had left our children with family members. After the funeral, we went to my village from his and there we decided to drink. While we were drinking there I was beat and raped by my cousin. The troopers picked us up the next day and I went to Bethel Hospital then after all that we came home. We both were hurting and I had some very bad anxiety problems after what I went thru so naturally we turned to drinking. June 30, 2011 my children were taken into foster care while I was out drinking. I was honest with the Judge and they returned my children back to me. I started treatment at Akeela AWRC and my husband resumed treatment at CITC. Our ocs case was closed October of 2011. I found out I was pregnant with our fourth child. I graduated January of 2012 and my husband April of 2012. He relapsed summer of 2012 and also started smoking spice. I gave birth to our daughter July 4, 2012 and was on pain meds for almost 3 weeks. I had a uterus infection and was in a lot of pain. I took vicodin and oxycodine during that time. Shortly after I relapsed again after 57 weeks of sobriety. This time I had it all figured out and we were going to control our drinking. We wouldn't drink during the day and would only buy so much before the store closed. I had gotten a job and soon our plan wasn't working anymore because we needed more to gain the effect we wanted. From August of 2012 to April 2013 I drank at home, maintaining "control" but slowly losing everything, I was put on probation at work and we turned to pawning stuff. We always made sure my kids had diapers, food, clean clothes etc but with whatever money we had left well that went to drinking. Then April, I lost my apt, we moved in with my mom but I had started working again so we were "okay" yet. May of 2013 I lost my job. That summer we drank here and there but kept making sure our kids were ok and taken care of. June 25, 2013 I got the worst news ever, my cousin who had lived with my family on n off for a couple years was shot and killed by the cops, my heart was broken, my kids hearts were broken. I went back home for the funeral. After the funeral I started drinking and came home and kept drinking. I went off the deep end and drank 7 to 10 days and hungover 4-5 days and back to drinking, I barely ate. My husband went to work in Aniak and started seeing someone else. I had lost everything but my children by then. My doctor was getting after me because I kept ending up in the E.R for alcohol and my liver was not in good shape. I continued to drink, I was so far gone and caught up in my addiction that I didn't care if my health was failing. October 3, 2013 OCS had taken my kids into custody because I was out drinking and my family had enough of me doing this to my kids. I stayed drunk until the 8th. My husband returned to Anchorage on the 10 and we had agreed to give our marriage another chance and show a united front to OCS. During October we drank and only sobered up for our weekly visit with our children. My last drink was Halloween of 2013. We had got a phone call saying that they were going to have a meeting and see about releasing the kids to my sister but we could live with them. So we went to sleep and woke up around 6am and it was the hardest thing not to drink because by then I was feeling very sick but our meeting was at 10. So I suffered it out, we had two fifths, one about half and the other 3/4s full. Before we left for the metting we gave our half of fifth to his cousin and kept the other just in case the meeting wouldn't go as planned. OCS decided to give my sister our kids and we could stay. I went back to my cousin in law's apt and gave him my bottle and that moment, I walked away from alcohol and decided I was done. At first I stayed sober for my kids and my family of 6 went to Old Minto Family Recovering camp outside of Fairbanks for 35 days and then we moved to Grayling from January 2014 to April 2014 and could not complete our aftercare. I moved back to Anchorage because I found out I was pregnant and due to complications and early labor, it was best to move back and two of my kids and husband stayed. I went to four directions in the end of May but two kids came home in June and I did not have childcare. My husband returned July 3, a day before our babys birthday. July 10, 2014 my children were again taken into custody. We were living at my moms and allegations against my brothers were brought up and OCS felt I didn't protect my children so they were taken into foster care. I fell apart for a bit, I was sober for 8 months by then and they took them anyway. At first we went to Akeela but my husband wasn't covered by medicaid, so we called Jett Morgan's but they could not get us in for an assesment for over a week and gave us Tutan's number. We went to Tutan and filled out the paperwork and did our paperwork for ATR too. We had funding to do our treatment thru ATR. We started in the end of July and I graduated in September. I had gotten a scholarship from Tutan to finish aftercare. I truly believe God had his hand in me finding Tutan because I tried three other treatments before I finally started there and if ATR had not paid for my treatment there, I would not be where I am today. Thru Tutan I found A.A., gained coping skills, found myself and changed my way of thinking and my behaviors. I have been sober over 17 months. I still go to tutan when I can, and I go to A.A. meetings to maintain my sobriety. I would like to thank ATR for paying for my treatment so that I can be the person and mother I am today. I now have my kids back. Amber N.

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