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Tutor Doctor Vaughan
201-27 Major Mackenzie Drive East
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Tutor Doctor provides affordable one-on-one in home tutoring. We create an individualized educational plan for each student and match tutors based on the student’s academic needs and personality. Tutor Doctor can provide support to classroom instruction and assignments and go back and deal with building blocks that were missed. One-on-one tutoring helps students build confidence, and get individualized support and better grades. Marks typically rise 10 – 20% in the first 6 months. At Tutor Doctor we recognize that making a difference in a student's academic performance involves having an impact on not only their studies, but also the student’s confidence, organizational/study skills, and dreams. We want to make a lasting difference in our students’ lives.

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  • Mondays: 09:00- 17:00
  • Tuesdays: 09:00- 17:00
  • Wednesdays: 09:00- 17:00
  • Thursdays: 09:00- 17:00
  • Fridays: 09:00- 17:00

Thank you Mikaela B. for this amazing review! Keep up the great work tutoring! "I like the flexibility and that I can make my own hours. I can appreciate the accuracy of the matching system and I can trust that I will be matched with a student whose needs best fit my area of expertise. I love seeing the week to week progress that my students make. It is very rewarding to feel like you made a difference and made an impact in a child's life." Do you love learning? Do you love teaching? Do you want to make a difference in someone's life? If your answer is yes, come work for us at Tutor Doctor! We are always hiring high achieving, motivated individuals to make a difference in our students' lives. To learn more, visit: http://ow.ly/VzxpW #TutorDoctorVaughan #TutorRecruitment

Published on 2015-12-07 20:40:32 GMT

We asked our families what they like about Tutor Doctor. Here's a response from K.S. "The friendly staff (office, consultant and of course the tutor ). The fantastic match up with my daughter and the tutor. The very prompt reports regarding the tutoring sessions of what was covered and my daughter's progress." As exams are fast approaching, you'll need the best tutors to support your child. Here at Tutor Doctor, your child's success is our number one priority! Give us a call and book a free consultation today!

Published on 2015-12-11 20:20:21 GMT

Thank you A.M.M. for this amazing review. We are so happy to be working with your family! "I like the convenience of the Tutor coming into the home. Each tutor we have had was very well suited to my children and very professional." And a special shout out goes to Christian G., keep up the great work tutoring! #TutorDoctorVaughan #TDAppreciation

Published on 2015-11-27 21:30:49 GMT

An amazing review from one of our tutors, Ivy L.! Here at Tutor Doctor, your child's success is our number one priority! Call us today to book a consultation. "Tutor Doctor is a family-like company - we support, share, and laugh together. We put our whole hearts in working with the parents and teachers for the best interest of our students."

Published on 2015-11-28 17:10:41 GMT

How do you plan on keeping your child or student engaged during the winter break?

Published on 2015-12-08 17:11:12 GMT

FACT OF THE DAY: Insects outnumber humans 100,000,000 to one. #factsarefun

Published on 2014-08-15 20:33:33 GMT

FACT OF THE DAY: If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.

Published on 2014-08-13 17:57:01 GMT

FACT OF THE DAY: If you travel across Russia, you will cross seven time zones. #factsarefun

Published on 2014-08-11 18:33:58 GMT

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Go the extra mile, it's never crowded" #theextramile

Published on 2014-08-07 19:03:16 GMT

Having a good summer, we hope so! Why not make it even better and come down to The Woodbridge Ribfest, held at the Woodbridge Fairgrounds - Hwy 7 and Kipling Avenue area. August 8th,9th, and 10th! Come to visit Tutor Doctor Vaughan and to enjoy all the ribs you can eat!

Published on 2014-08-07 15:16:35 GMT

Back to school tip: Figure out the ground rules for after-school activities, chores, home- work, television and Internet use. By discussing priorities early and setting a schedule, this will help deter confrontations later on.

Published on 2014-08-06 14:25:15 GMT

Have you checked out our Instagram yet? Follow @tutordoctorvaughan to stay up to date with Tutor Doctor news, and more fun stuff!

Published on 2014-08-05 16:11:39 GMT

Hope everyone is having a great day so far!

Published on 2014-07-30 18:39:52 GMT

Are you looking to make a difference in children's lives? Tutoring is a great way to expand your teaching experience. Can you teach math, science, English, or test prep?? Email your resume and unofficial transcript to coordinator71@tutordoctor.com Join our team!

Published on 2014-08-20 14:20:23 GMT

Ever wondered what sugar can really do to your child's behavior? Take a look at the newest article on the Tutor Doctor Blog! http://tutordoctor.com/blog/blog/how-sugar-effects-your-childs-behavior/

Published on 2015-03-11 23:26:31 GMT

A review from one of our families! "The tutor we were matched with David is excellent... the kids really enjoy his teachings and we like his style..We are really happy with him and the progress we see in our kids. Thank you!" A.M. Thank you so much A.M. for your review! We always welcome feedback from our families.

Published on 2015-09-25 20:45:24 GMT

Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful Fall day!

Published on 2015-09-23 18:23:26 GMT

An amazing review about one of our tutors: "Katherine is an excellent and patient person and works extremely well with my two daughters. I would highly recommend her and tutor doctor. -P." Thank you P! We are always happy to hear from our families!

Published on 2015-09-18 16:10:12 GMT

An amazing review from one of our families! "The caliber of the tutors is high; very gifted students that relate to my son. Punctual & professional. The management clearly acknowledge that parents are making an investment; an investment that must provide a return. That return being higher grades." -S.B. Thank you so much for your feedback! We are always happy to hear that our students have been progressing! #TutorDoctorVaughan #TutorDoctorReview

Published on 2015-10-09 20:15:32 GMT

Check out an amazing testimonial from Zachary, one our tutors, below! "One quality that I really admire with Tutor Doctor is the support that I get from the office. I know, without a doubt, that if I need something, regardless of what it is, I can get in touch with the office. It is a great feeling to know that when you are out in the “field”, there is an entire team back at “central command” who really care how you are doing and want to make sure that, as a tutor, you have everything that you need. The level of confidence that I get from them, is only possible when there is a group of people who know their stuff, and are some of the best individuals at what they do."-Zachary Thanks so much for your review Zachary!

Published on 2015-10-02 19:43:47 GMT

Happy National Teacher's Day to all our teachers! Let's celebrate this day by letting our teachers how much we care about them by giving them a few words of appreciation. Thanks for all your hard work teachers!

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