Nishinomiya categories of University

East China University of Political Science and Law Medical School Restaurant Technical Institute
Hyogo College of Medicine University
Hyogo College of Medicine Medical School
at 1-1 Mukogawa-cho 663-8501
Kwansei Gakuin Middle School University
Kwansei Gakuin University IBA International Management Course IMC College & University
at 1-155, Uegahara Ichibancho 662-8501
Kwansei Gakuin University/School of Economics University College & University
at 上ヶ原一番町1-155 662-8501
Mukogawa Women's University Private School
at 池開町6-46 663-8558
Seiwa Junior College Education
大手前大学 / 大手前短期大学 College & University
at 御茶家所町6-42 662-8552
大手前大学 通信教育部 School University
at 御茶家所町6-42 さくら夙川キャンパス 662-8552
武庫女×団地diy College & University
at 兵庫県 663-8141
関西学院大学文化総部軽音楽部 College & University
関西学院大学神学部 School College & University
at 上ケ原一番町 1-155 662-8501