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Our doctors have a wide range of chiropractic techniques, including manual and instrument adjusting, and soft tissue techniques. With years of experience we draw on these skills to adjust to the individual needs of our patients. Chiropractic can be described as dealing with balance and tension. Our spines, hence our bodies fall out of balance, causing tension on our nerve system. As a diagnostic tool, we utilize nerve scanning technology, that accurately measures the degree of tension held in the spine, and helps us track our patients’ progress.

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Now that the New Year is well underway and your New Year's resolutions may have fallen by the wayside, it's time to take a look at your fitness regime. This Saturday, February 21, we have Adam Travis from 927 Training coming in during office hours - 9 - 12 or so- with a short questionnaire about your wants and needs for a fitness program. Drop by, talk to Adam and take the quiz. Dr. Dorothea

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Note: The office will be closed this Saturday. We reopen for regular hours on Monday, Feb 2 at 9:00. To book an appointment, just call and leave a message at 604-859-6781 or email us at Have a Great Weekend! Dr. Dorothea

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I am a bad Facebook poster. It's been nearly a month since I last wrote something, and my staff has reminded me every week to do it!! You know, when I was younger, I just didn't understand how come older people had so much trouble with new technology - now, we are talking about direct dialing on the telephone (they were rotary dials then!, so it was a lot of dialing) or my Mom screwing up her courage to use the ATM and then swearing me to secrecy not to let anyone know that she was doing it. And here I am overwhelmed by how fast and how much technology there is. I guess what this post is really about is that older people need some grace and patience when it comes to this stuff. Technology is really only a tool that's supposed to help us function better in the world, and when you come down to it, relationships are really what it's all about. The great thing about chiropractic is that while it helps you feel and function better physically, it's also about relationships. When I can build better rapport with patients, I can do a better job of educating them about what I know and they can make better health care decisions. So, I'll just have to learn how to use this technology better so I can pass some of this stuff along. If you want to learn more about how you can get and stay healthy, come into the office. We love taking care of people of all ages and we love talking about your health and wellness. Dr. Dorothea

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DON'T JUST SIT THERE We're hearing it more and more: Sitting is the new smoking and more people are "smoking" than ever, thanks to computer based jobs. If you sit at your job you'll notice this - you start to feel moody and lethargic and more tired at the end of the day than if you spent an active weekend day doing chores around the house. Do something to get active every day. Stop slouching in the chair you have, go for a 10 - 20 minute walk at lunch (if it's raining, wear a hat and swing your arms), when you're sitting, stand up - and then sit down- every hour, and drink lots of water so you have to get up and to to the bathrom (that's exercise too!). If you're watching TV at home, instead of skipping the ads on your PVF, stand up and do laps around your house, or dance - it gets your arms and legs going and your blood circulating and makes you happy. If you do only one of the things I've suggested above, you'll start to feel better and it'll help you "quit smoking - er sitting". Dr Dorothea

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Chiropractic celebrates its 119th Birthday today. Come in and celebrate with us at Ventura Chiropractic.

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I have lots of happy patients who regularly come into to get maintenance care. And they don't bring their kids. Which is too bad because spinal problems start young. As a society we're really careful to make sure our kids are protected from so many things. Chiropractic hasn't done a very good job of educating people about the preventive and protective aspects of what we do. And, our patients often don't think of chiropractic first when it comes to other aspects of their kids' health. Not everything is a medical problem and I'm all for trying a safe, non-invasive adjustment before administering drugs to children. Here's an example. One of our patient's son, who's just two, has a problem with constipation. Nobody likes to talk about poo, but let's face it, if you can't get it out, you feel like poo. And this little guy was having a terrrible time - it hurt to poo, it bloated him and was interferring with potty training and other things. He's a good eater, and is fed a healthy diet, so that wasn't the problem. We suggested that she bring him in for an adjustment - well actually a course of adjustments. After the first adjustment, the little guy was busy filling some diapers. Without a lot of pain and without any trouble. He really liked his adjustments - thought they were fun. This isn't surprising because the spine carries all the nerves in the body and controls conscious and unconscious function. A properly aligned and functioning spine helps everything work better - even in kids. So, if you have some kids, or know some, get them into the chiropractor so they can grow up straight and healthy.

Published on 2014-09-16 19:27:02 GMT

Help Us Celebrate Chiropractic is 119 Years Old Happy Birthday Chiropractic!! On September 18, 1895, Daniel David Palmer performed the first Chiropractic Adjustment and cured Harvey Lillard. Harvey had been deaf for years after suffering a blow to his upper back that caused a bump. Dr. Palmer, a magnetic healer at the time reasoned that pushing the bump back in might restore his hearing. After “racking the vertebra back into place” Harvey's hearing did come back! Chiropractic care has come a long way since then, techniques are much more refined and it's been scientifically shown to be the most effective care for low back pain. Adjustments are comfortable, precise and effective. Everyone knows that chiropractic is the place to go for back problems and although we don't often restore hearing, people report all kinds of amazing health benefits. Your spine houses your spinal cord and the nerves that enter and exit the spine carry all the information your body and brain need to function at optimum. Try Chiropractic When Your Spine's in Line, You Feel Fine Join us on Thursday as we celebrate - there'll be cookies!!

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SEPTEMBER 18 CHIROPRACTIC IS 119 YEARS OLD! Help us celebrate the anniversary of the first Chiropractic Adjustment this Thursday.

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Activate Your Brain You can supercharge your brain with 15 minutes of exercise, so get active right before the most important task that you have to do. Go for a walk before a presentation or exam. Do a few flights of stairs before meeting with your boss to present a new idea. If you need to solve a problem, block off some time to get focused and make sure you walk, stretch or lift some weights in the hour before you settle in to work on the challenge. It might seem like you're taking too much time away from the task, but the physiological science says that you'll perform better and become healthier at the same time. - Greg Wells is an assistant professor in kinesiology at U of T and associate scientist at the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto. Did you know that as little as 20 minutes of exercise can change your health and life? It seems that 20 minutes of sustained exercise is an optimum amount. Less isn't that helpful, but more isn't much more helpful either. It's easy to fit a 20 minute walk into a lunch hour, and according to Dr. Wells above, it'll make you more productive in the afternoon! If you had three 20 minute exercise sessions a day, you'd be getting 60 optimum minutes of exercise in, and you'd hardly notice you were doing it. We're soon going to restart BREATHE FIT classes here at the office. Breathe Fit is exercise that accellerates the excercise benefit of easy movements into a program you can do at home. Contact the office for more information about how you can learn this effective program. Dr. Dorothea McCallum

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If you like what we do for you, please spread the word. Tell you friends, family and coworkers. We are always happy to take on new patients.

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If you want your brain to work at full power, you want to manage two things: good fats and an even flow of glucose. Your best bet is to have nuts for breakfast with very low glycemic carbs and fish for lunch. Glucose is the fuel your brain burns but it is the good fats that buld the cells in the first place. Most of us have too many carbohydrates in the morning, which pumps glucose to the brain, makes you feel awake but can make you feel foggy as your blood sugar drops after digestion. Don't be tempted by caffeine; it can help briefly but it won't overcome poor cell structure or sugar shots to the head. - Theresa Albert is a registeed nutrionist based in Toronto.