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Specialty Facials, Professional Skin Analysis, Face & Body Waxing, Lash Extensions, and Makeup Artistry.

Wanda Barajas Makeup & Skin
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I am a licensed esthetician who specializes in helping clients enhance and balance their skin health needs by providing customized facial services, waxing, and other select body treatments. I’m also a freelance makeup artist.

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Skincare DIY: Watermelon Clarifying Face Toner Spring is here and summer is fast approaching, and the fresh markets are stocking on watermelons. What does this mean for us natural beauty junkies? Well, we can be a natural beauty this spring and summer by whipping up homemade beauty products! Watermelon is a natural astringent and may be used to benefit the skin's appearance. It is packed with vitamins A, B, C, and antioxidants; all of which keep the skin glowing, protected, and healthy. Simple, use watermelon not only to quench your thirst, but also to help create a healthy looking skin. First you will need to make fresh watermelon juice, to do this discard the seeds, and scoop chunks of watermelon from the rind into the blender or food processor, once pulverized strain to remove all the solids. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons fresh watermelon juice 1 tablespoon vodka 2 tablespoons witch hazel 2 tablespoons distilled water In a bowl, mix the watermelon juice with the other ingredients and stir well. Pour into a clean bottle. Apply to skin with a clean cotton pad. If you want an easier toner, you can just mix the watermelon juice with honey for use on dry skin or mix the watermelon with witch hazel for oily skin. NOTE: It is important to store in the refrigerator between uses to retain freshness. The vodka in the original recipe is important as it acts as a preservative, allowing you to keep the toner in the refrigerator for a week.

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Makeup Tip: Foundation I always get asked on how to pick the right foundation. Here's my take: 1. When looking for a foundation, first of all, make sure you try it under natural light. 2. Do not test on your hand or wrist. Test your foundation on the side of your face matching closer to your skin color. 3. The perfect foundation should look like you are not wearing makeup. Finally, expensive foundations are not necessarily better than inexpensive foundations; there are good and bad versions in all price ranges. It all depend on the formula that is right for you.

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Makeup Tip: Keep Lipstick on All Day Keeping lipstick on your lips all day is a challenge for many of us. Although there are a lot of great long-wear lipsticks on the market, I love many that are not. But, with a simple trick I can make any lipstick into a long-lasting one. Instructions: 1. Exfoliate your lips. A quick DIY formula is mixing brown sugar and honey. Read a previous post for instructions and different options. 2. Line your lips with a lip pencil and cover the entire lip area. 3. Load a small brush with translucent powder and spread the powder evenly and smoothly over your lips. A good brush to use is an eyeshadow blending brush. 4. Apply your lipstick using a lip brush and you're done! Of course, keep your lipstick with you, just in case you need any touchups. Eating greasy foods will definitely remove some of your lipstick. As always, thank you for liking, sharing, and commenting on my posts!

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Skincare DIY: Before Prom Basic Turmeric Mask Getting clear and glowing skin for prom should not have to be expensive or complicated. Actually, there are many do-it-yourself face cleansers, scrubs, and masks, that anyone can make using ingredients already in your own kitchen. As an added bonus, you are in control of the ingredients, avoiding any harmful chemicals that could irritate your skin. Today, I’m giving you an easy and inexpensive mask to use a few weeks before prom in order to get your skin flawless and radiant before your makeup application on your special day. As with everything I share, because of different skin conditions, please always consult your dermatologist before using a home facial masks using turmeric or any of the ingredients I use here. Ingredients: 1 teaspoon plain yogurt 1 teaspoon of turmeric 1 teaspoon of organic honey In a bowl, mix the ingredients until it forms a smooth paste. You can adjust the amount of yogurt to make the paste more or less thick, but make sure it’s a firm paste that will stick to your face. After properly cleaning your face, apply mask and leave for 20 minutes. A spot you don’t want to miss is under the eyes, as turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the dark circles. Rinse well with cool water. Dry your face gently with a cloth. Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid and it exfoliates the skin. Turmeric is a great antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial agent. Honey is also an anti-bacterial and it moisturizes the skin very well. These three ingredients together will brighten the skin and make it look fresh and clean. NOTE: Turmeric is a dye and it can stain your clothes. I suggest using gloves to apply the mask and use precaution. However, turmeric SHOULD NOT stain your face. You may notice some slight yellowish skin color for some time though. That will go away as you wash your face a few times. If it bothers you, just put a few drops of your favorite facial toner on a cotton ball and wipe the affected areas.

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Please read! I'm sharing in English and Spanish for all my followers and clients! The importance of cleaning and disinfecting your personal makeup brushes. Always make sure your makeup artist is using clean brushes! I can't stress it enough. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/mother-disabled-by-staph-infection-after-using-friends-makeup-brush-10158375.html ¡Por favor lea la siguiente nota! La comparto en Inglés y en Español para todos mis seguidores y clientes. La importancia de la limpieza y desinfección de sus pinceles de maquillaje personales. Además, asegúrese siempre que su maquilladora esté utilizando pinceles limpios. ¡Es muy importante! http://touch.metro.pr/plus/brocha-de-maquillaje-prestada-la-deja-en-silla-de-ruedas/gmWodf!dtP4mPHfnrn2_vID5D090Q/

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Makeup Tip: Eye Drops Have you ever felt like you're getting ready to apply your makeup and out of nowhere your eyes look cloudy, yellow or red? The solution, eye drops before your makeup application. Using eye drops will make your eyes appear cleaner, clearer, and more youthful. And of course, this will make the makeup look fresh. Also, because some eye drops are made to remove redness, due to the content of tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, you could use it to temporarily remove the redness of those annoying pimples. Just apply a few eye drops to a cotton ball on dry skin before your makeup routine. It soothes the skin and calms the redness and inflammation. Who knew! Note: Ask your pharmacist or eye doctor for their personalized recommendation for what's best for you. To soothe the redness, eye drops must contain tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride.

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Skincare DIY: Spring Hand Cream Who’s ready for spring? Most of the country may still be caught in winter’s chilly conditions, but spring is just around the corner. And because winter is not kind to our skin, I bring to you the hand cream sure to treat those rough palms and fingers! Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of grated beeswax 1 teaspoon of honey 1 tablespoon of liquid lanolin 1/2 cup of sesame oil 1 tablespoon of coconut oil 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda 2 tablespoons of chamomile tea Combine all ingredients in a microwave safe glass container and heat slowly in the microwave until the wax and oils are melted. However, DO NOT let the mixture boil. Mix well and pour it into a clean jar. Let it cool overnight and stir again in the morning. Use as needed. Note: If you live in the Orlando, FL area a great place to find unfiltered raw honey and beeswax is Webb’s Honey. If not, you can find local suppliers in your town online in the National Honey Board.

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Planning your prom? Proms are a big night and a special occasion. If you live in Orlando, Florida and want a makeup application for your special day contact Wanda Barajas Makeup & Skin and make your appointment today. Let me help you look your best! info@wandabarajas.com

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