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W.A.N.A.R. is a No-Kill organization dedicated to rescuing dogs in Saskatchewan and giving them a second chance at life.

We All Need a Rescue K9 Rescue

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We All Need a Rescue (WANAR) K9 Rescue is an organization dedicated to saving lives. Whether it is physical or emotional damage these dogs may have, we plan to do everything we can to give them a second chance at life. We only rescue dogs from our own province because; unfortunately there is never a shortage of dogs in need of rescuing in Saskatchewan and we are a no-kill dog rescue. Our rescues stay with us until they find their forever home, no matter how long it takes. We quarantine every rescue that comes to us so that we can make sure they are healthy and receive the proper vaccinations and we record these vaccinations, deworming and any health issues the dog may have, so that we have this information on file for our own knowledge and for the new family who adopts them. We care so much for the dogs that we rescue and we form a special bond with each and every one of them. We love hearing updates and seeing new pictures of them after they’ve gone to their forever homes and anyone who adopts one of our rescues can find comfort in knowing that they can contact us whenever they have any questions or concerns. We will always be there for these dogs – we were the first ones to show them love and they will always have a place in our hearts.

General Info

If you are interested in adopting one of our rescues, please fill out the Adoption Application on our website. Bring the application with you to our facility or send via email to we.all.need.a.rescue@hotmail.com. We ask that you call ahead and arrange a time to come out to our facility and meet our rescues. We are very busy caring for all of the dogs and it helps when we know when to expect you. We also ask that you have an idea of which rescues you would like to meet as we do not allow people to walk around our facility to look at the dogs. This upsets the dogs and we do our best to keep a calm, comfortable environment for our rescues. Many of our rescues have come from bad situations and do not trust humans and we do not want to scare them or upset them by allowing strangers to wander our facility. We are also a boarding facility and have customer dogs on the property and we do not want to get all of their dogs excited or stressed. If you do not follow these rules, you will be asked to leave the property. The dogs in our care are our #1 priority. At our facility, there is a large fenced in park where you can meet the dog(s) you are interested in, or we can bring them into our office if the weather conditions aren’t good. Using the information you provided on the application and through conversations, we will help match you with the dog we feel is best suited to your family and lifestyle. If you are interested in adopting an adult dog, we allow a one week trial period for you to get to know him/her and decide if you’d like to make them a permanent member of your family. During the one week trial period we provide food, collar and leash. There is an On-Trial Agreement to fill out and a $100.00 deposit is required. **The On-Trial period is for adult dogs only** If you decide that the dog is not the right fit for your family, you may bring him/her back to our facility and we will refund half of your deposit ($50). The other half ($50) will go towards the rescues. The dog MUST be returned within the one week trial period or exactly one week from the date which you signed the On Trial Agreement. If you do not bring him/her back within the required time period, you will not receive any of your deposit and the $100 will be donated to the rescues. If you wish to adopt, you must fill out an Adoption Agreement and pay the adoption fee of $250. The $100 “On-Trial” deposit goes towards the adoption fee. We also ask that you bring back the collar and leash that were provided during the trial period. We like to keep these items for other rescues to use. Once you have filled out the Adoption Agreement and paid the adoption fee, we will provide you with your new family member’s health record, vet booklet and microchip info. The adoption fee for all of our rescues is $250.00 which includes full set of vaccinations (DAPP & Rabies), microchip and spay/neuter. All adults and puppies over the age of 6 months will already be fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed/neutered. If you adopt a puppy that is not yet spayed/neutered, we will arrange a date with you to have them spayed/neutered. We have certain days booked every month at our vet clinic for our rescues to be spayed/neutered. We will contact you with these dates once your puppy is between 5-6months old and we will get him/her booked in. Getting your puppy spayed/neutered is part of the Adoption Agreement and if you do not wish to have this done, you cannot adopt one of our rescues. Please note: We DO NOT allow any of our rescues to go to a home where there is intact dogs. Please spay/neuter your pets!!

What a great long weekend! Cheerio, Coulette, Donald and Jon Snow found their forever homes!

Published on 2015-04-05 23:26:40 GMT

All the WANAR rescues want to wish everybody a Happy Easter and hope everybody has a safe holiday! With the spirit of the holidays we have an Easter story to share. Upon this Easter Day Miss Haven had found her way to an on trial home! We are in close connection with her on updates and how she is doing. By the pictures and sound of things she is doing really well. Haven has waited so long for this moment to have a family to call her own. Her new house has many comfy doggie beds to sleep on, a friend named Diesel and a big back yard to explore! We are so happy for her, she has so much love to give and is now in a potential forever home! Happy Easter ❤️🐾

Published on 2015-04-05 19:48:28 GMT

What a great weekend! We had a great turn out at the Warman Pet Expo and had Thelma, Robb, Reggie, Eddard and Libby get adopted! Have a great week from WANAR! :)

Published on 2015-03-29 22:50:34 GMT


Published on 2015-03-24 16:16:41 GMT

UPCOMING EVENTS: We will be at "Broadway Street Fair" on Saturday, September 6th & "Rayna's Day of Play" on Sunday, September 7th!!! Mark your calendars and come by our tent! We will be there all day with a few of our rescues so if you'd like to hang out with us, please email Maxine as we need a few volunteers to walk the dogs! maxr101@yahoo.ca

Published on 2014-08-20 16:46:33 GMT

HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped bath the dogs before the Adoption event and to everyone who helped organize and to all the volunteers who walked the dogs!! We would also like to thank the barbecuers and everyone who donated to the BBQ!! AND of course, big thanks to Cowtown for allowing us to be there each month!! McKinley, Sprite, Berry and Taurus were adopted today!! :)

Published on 2014-08-17 00:22:42 GMT

ADOPTION DAY IS HERE!!! We are at Cowtown (3366 Fairlight Drive, Saskatoon) today from 10am-4pm with several adorable rescues who are looking for a home! We are also having a BBQ fundraiser so come by for a burger or hotdog!

Published on 2014-08-16 15:27:43 GMT

Sullivan, Chilli and Saviour are officially adopted and Julia just went on trial!! What a great way to start the weekend!! We will also welcome 4 new rescues to the WANAR family later today and then we have lots more to do in preparation for tomorrow's Adoption Event! Busy busy around here!

Published on 2014-08-15 19:51:12 GMT

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Tomorrow we will be at Cowtown Canada Saskatoon (3366 Fairlight Drive) for an Adoption Day & BBQ!!! We will be bringing several rescues with us, so tell your friends and family and help us find homes for these wonderful dogs! Even if you're not looking to adopt a dog, come meet the rescues and show your support! Enjoy a burger or hotdog (& drink) by donation, with all proceeds going to the rescues!!

Published on 2014-08-15 15:37:02 GMT

Tonight was an emotional evening, one of the new little dogs that came to us from the puppy mill , had to have an emergency C section, during this 6 puppies were brought into this world, but Mamma didn't make it. To much for her little body to go through. Rest in peace sweetheart. We wish you could have known the love of good people for so much longer than you did. We will do our very best to help your babies survive. Please keep these little ones in your prayers, they have an extremely long hard road ahead. Please pray for us as this is emotionally and physically draining. Feeding every 2 1/2 hours, and cleaning them and making sure they are always warm and comfortable.

Published on 2015-09-30 04:51:23 GMT

Today we welcome 8 small breed dogs to the WANAR family. They are all from a Saskatchewan puppy mill, 2 of the females are pregnant and are going to be having their pups any day, we have a mom with her two young puppies and some in very bad shape. Triumph is in high spirits and is loving everyone at the facility. He is going for for blood work on Monday. We are hoping that all the extra steps we have been doing are helping Triumph, and that his blood work as improved. Jade is on lots of meds since the loss of her leg. Slowly but surly she is gaining strength and starting to adapt to having 3 legs. All of these dogs are just a small amount of dogs we help and save on a regular basis. All the rescues are the very reason we are having a big fundraiser on October 2nd and constantly trying to promote awareness of our rescue! We do what we do because we love dogs and dedicate our lives to save as many lives as we can.

Published on 2015-09-27 18:30:28 GMT

We are on Instagram!! It is a fun way to see more pictures of the rescues then ever before!! Follow us by typing in wanardogs!!

Published on 2015-09-24 03:14:39 GMT

We All Need A Rescue would like to thank a special girl who donated food and other gifts to the rescues instead of receiving presents for her birthday! Thank you so much Layla! All the rescues and us are very appreciative of your generosity and kind heart! Jade especially loves her new lamb and all the rescues love the food you bought them. We hope you had a wonderful birthday and again thank you!!

Published on 2015-09-22 20:42:56 GMT

Polaris is officially ADOPTED!!! We are so happy for you beautiful girl!! We can not wait to see pictures of you with your new family!!

Published on 2015-09-20 19:34:24 GMT

What a wonderful adoption day! Jasmyn, Wendy and Paisley found their forever homes and Spritz went on trial!! Thank you Jasmyn, Olivia and Kendal for bathing the dogs the night before and for the lovely Lisa and Roxanne for being awesome volunteer coordinators! Thank you to all of our volunteers who spent the day with our rescues, they were all happy and tired coming home!! It was awesome seeing so many previous rescues visit us :) The BBQ and donations raised $766, the money raised will go straight to the rescues!! And of course a special thank you to Cowtown for hosting our adoption day, we love the environment and awesome staff!! Thank you for everyone's constant support of our rescue, we wouldn't be able to do what we do without you!!

Published on 2015-09-19 23:42:17 GMT

We wish the beautiful Harlequin and the handsome Duke and Max on their one week trial!!! We are so excited for you lovely pups!! ❤️🐶

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