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I currently changed my full lifestyle after trying so many fad diets, I have took it upon myself to tell others how it can be done, I use Juice Plus as its the only product on the market that is 100% organic with no added rubbish. I wanted something that wasn't going to help me in one area and have a negative affect in other areas. So i offer 2 main packages Juice Plus Complete Soy protein shakes taken along side a fully structured healthy eating whole food nutritional plan. To help with your weight loss/gains or build up. Or taken as a pre/post work out supplement offering your body natural organic protein to help repair your muscles , help reduce muscle fatigue, all through fruit and vegetables. Suitable for any ages9for goodness not dieting), Sex, 100% vegan, vegetarian,organic, natural , kosher, Halal. No need to worry about serving suggestions as its just fruit and vegetables All plans come with 1 on 1 support, Meal plans, Work out plans online support that offers lots of recipes, food inspiration, Motivation and lots more. We have other products available also just inbox us. Work towards being healthy and get your results you deserve

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What is the most important thing for you and your family ⚡️Health ⚡️Wealth ⚡️Time ⚡️Extra Holidays ⚡️Having Fun ⚡️Building Foundations ⚡️Career ⚡️Education ⚡️Growing As A Person ⚡️Helping People What if I was to say I have something which would cover all these, done from home or on the go. In your free time ⚡️ OPPORTUNITY ⚡️

Published on 2014-11-15 08:18:45 GMT

Set myself a challenge ,pictures taken tonight , treat tonight. Then tomorrow maximum effort starts , can't wait

Published on 2014-11-14 18:33:54 GMT

Love it when a team member checks there wage, rings me crying saying its the most money they have earnt in a month. My response is its only going to get better :)

Published on 2014-11-11 16:12:39 GMT

Xmas is around the corner why not make a head start instead of waiting for January we all know it's LBD season , staff party's , planing family gatherings , New Years party's , why not make a health choice and get back to healthy ways and get started on some Progress today who's with me

Published on 2014-11-11 11:43:28 GMT

Inundated with messages regarding the opportunity to earn a little extra cash part time. So happy people planning their future , exciting times ahead :)

Published on 2014-11-08 08:06:52 GMT

We are looking to help 5 people with this exciting opportunity that will change your life. Helping People get healthy Payable on the 10th of December just in time for Xmas.

Published on 2014-11-07 10:09:21 GMT

So want to join the opportunity we are offering. Payable on the 10th of December Everyone wants something extra for Xmas :)

Published on 2014-11-06 17:58:27 GMT

Loving that an extra £200 a month is literally changing one of our teams lives for the future. No longer struggling with bills. Working All ours to get try get those extras for the family. No has extra money to buyer self some things which usually is the bottom of the list, Going to be a brilliant xmas in her household this year :)

Published on 2014-10-27 14:15:30 GMT

DIdn't even realise we was at 7k followers. Thank you all very much :)

Published on 2014-10-15 02:48:36 GMT

#fact Physical touch makes you healthier. Studies show that massages, hugs, and hand holding reduce stress and boost the immune system.

Published on 2014-10-07 22:16:01 GMT

So are you to busy ? Work all the hours God send ? Don't get time off you want ? Don't get the pay you want ? Have to battle for promotions ? Work even harder for pay rises ? Struggle to make ends meet ? To much month and not enough money ? Well I may have something for you that may dramatically improve your situation , it may surprise how easy, simple and worth while this is !!

Published on 2014-10-01 02:53:23 GMT

5 people joined the team already this month, Getting there own independent business. Who would like to earn a extra £2/300+ a month. We can help you and show you how to make this part time hobbie to a part time fortune :) Have 3 spaces left who is next

Published on 2014-08-11 22:51:11 GMT

Just set some big incentives for the team, holidays to barcelona & free juice plus premium (4 month supply) mega incentives for my mega team. #Teamworkmakesthedreamwork be part of the faster growing busy or carry on being empty. Help people, its the most rewarding thing when people find there health :)

Published on 2014-08-04 15:11:12 GMT

One personal started our Guinnie pig program and already lost 8lbs well done Sarah. Smashing your personal journey, not only that she's fuelling here body as she is a busy mum but it works brilliant around her crazy schedule

Published on 2014-08-03 21:47:48 GMT

I am looking for 10 ambitious people to come help people find there health and wellness for themselves and there families. This is the fastest growing business is the fasting browning market in the world. We all are natural network marketers, we recommend good things to our friends and family, this is all we need to do. Share our own and friends personal results with our family and friends and there circles. If your interested drop me a message. They pay is nothing compared to the feeling off helping people

Published on 2014-07-28 11:07:36 GMT

Foods that don't expire contain unnatural preservatives, additives, and chemicals that deteriorate your body. Focus instead on fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, low-fat dairies, and above all, moderation in whatever you eat. #Makessense

Published on 2014-07-28 10:10:58 GMT

Love how the 10 day challenge has helped so many of my clients, ive lost 7 inches all around also, very happy, who wants to join us for the next one, kick start your health or summer bodys or just get feeling a bit better get in touch #premiumcapsule #complete

Published on 2014-07-24 15:36:41 GMT

All my capsule orders this week will get a pouch of Juice Plus complete , for pre / post work out, complete meal on the go, low Gi Carbs , they are lovely. Will also add you into our 10 day challenge, to get into healthy eating and living in a drop of a hat. Inbox please

Published on 2014-07-20 05:58:14 GMT

Took a few things for granted lately, so reigning it back in. Focusing on what matters, helping my customers and anyone else who needs some advice, Motivation , support health tips etc. Clients come first, We are health coachers to help motivate peopel with our own product journey, Today is the first day to our awakening. For thinsg to change we must change.

Published on 2014-07-09 13:30:42 GMT

Already helped 5 new people this month with there own and family's health goals , so rewarding when they come back to you after seeing positive result, so happy #goingbacktobasics Who is next

Published on 2014-07-08 22:06:03 GMT

The next 5 orders will receive FREE month supply of Premium capsules. Once ordered send me your reference number and quote GiveMePremium in a private message www.wearebodyconfidence.co.uk