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Do you work for money, or does money work for you? - Learn how to find profitable investments (and avoid the risky ones) - Stop dabbling and start making real money – regardless of the economy - “Sharpen up” your Financial Plan - Develop the multi-millionaire mindset – seriously! - Enough time for everyone, enough money for anything.

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STEP 2 HOW TO MAKE MONEY WORK FOR YOU – so you don’t have to Getting started is simpler than most people realize. Just think about what you really want and be open to a better life. At the same time keep those pressing day-to-day issues away, out of your mind – just for a few moments. Then, as a next step, have some faith / believe (science and logic are NO help here by the way) that you are more capable with money than you might think – I KNOW this about you. Building some real life CONFIDENCE around money will help a lot too. This brings us to… STEP 2 – FOCUS (stay with me, I’m not getting weird on you!) “Life is what happens when you are making other plans” – John Lennon Life is busy and full of distractions and “stuff”. That’s one of the reasons that many fail with money. People get busy with life and next thing…they find themselves in their 50’s and 60’s… how did that happen?!?! Being successful with money comes from doing the things that drive success from time to time. More specifically, FOCUS on those drivers of success. This is best achieved by separating out (dis-intermingling) some of the things you do in life from others (rather than just doing what comes your way, whenever). That way you will be able to FOCUS on the right things. You and I DON’T DO our best, when we work – work, work, engage, engage, engage… We are at our best when we rest, like when we have had a holiday. So, a system to structure a cycle of engage, then relax -> engage then relax, will help you. Rejuvenation is key. That way you feel good, are creative and can see the opportunity (you are “in the flow”). You will more likely see opportunity, seize it and run with it. Here is a tool, a system that you can use to help you FOCUS and drive your success. The Time ZONES FREE TIME – relax, play, rejuvenate FUTURE SHIFT TIME – learn about money, develop the winning strategy and the plan to drive it – get help if you need it MONEY TIME – practice your craft, make money – get help if you need it MESS TIME – start by eliminating clutter and mess (the stuff in life that you do that does not contribute to your big picture goals – manage it better or get rid of it). Tidy up (your everyday life). Develop a list of everything you do in life – go on, do it (it does not need to be a perfect list – just get going). Categorise and allocate everything you do into ONE of the above ZONES – don’t try to be perfect, just get on... Block the zones into your calendar. Live by the zones – you will be focused and get more done in less time, with less effort. You will also allocate time to making money work for you. That way you will be well on your way with money while most (90% of others to be more precise) are still wondering where time went and how to get started! Want success with money? FOCUS on the things that drive success. By allocating everything you do into one of the four zones you now have structure and a system – you also have control over your time and your life (unlike most people). You now have The TIME ZONES and a powerful tool that can serve you well for a long time. BIG TIP: The TIME ZONES only work when you use them…

Published on 2014-08-12 01:15:55 GMT

DO YOU work for money or does money work for you? That is NOT a rhetorical question…so what’s the answer? It’s OK to work for money. You just better have a plan to have money do the work at some point because time goes faster than you might think … and you because you can. To be clear, when money does the work – you don’t have to. You can choose… HOW TO MAKE MONEY WORK FOR YOU STEP 1: Be open to other ways of doing things. Costs nothing, $0.00 to be open but what do you think the cost of not being open, not being ready is? LOT’S. The cost to you is HUGE. I reckon that you are capable of more that you think with money. How do I know? Well, I have worked with people for over 30 years as an advisor, investor and coach / mentor. I know how to make money work. I also know how to help others to make money work for them. People sometimes just need a bit of help with where to start, what to do, how and….confidence. What about you? So, just be open and don’t underestimate yourself or your money ability. STEP 2: coming …

Published on 2014-07-27 19:31:22 GMT

OK – lets GO. The first thing to know about money is that it begins and ends in your head. It is your mindset (your upbringing, education, conditioning, habits, attitudes and behaviour). That is the best place to start to get lasting results that work – no matter what. Doing “the same old” gets “the…same old”. Everyone knows that. Sometimes we need a “pattern interrupt”. Sometimes we just need to get started. So, lets start right now…think about what you really, really want. Think BIG picture (e.g. better health, enough money for everything, more time, help others, family holidays, the dream home…). Others have gone before you. “Been there done that” as they say...why not you too? I will put together some simple steps that will get you on your way – no matter where your starting point is today. I sometimes call it “joining the dots”. Anyway, I am serious…r u? Talk later… “The reasons you can’t, are the reasons that YOU MUST”

Published on 2014-07-25 01:08:00 GMT

Hey - I am actually setting WISEplanning up on facebook (not without a bit of moaning and complaining!). Dougy my facebook guy told me to get over myself and said "...anyway how do you think your clients feel when they first come to you!" Well said Dougy. Now that I have these new face book skills, I will be in touch again soon with some "money magic" - talk later today

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