Wodonga is a small city on the Victorian side of the border with New South Wales, north-east of Melbourne, Australia. Adjacent to Wodonga across the border is the New South Wales city of Albury. Wodonga is located wholly within the boundaries of the City of Wodonga LGA. Its population is approximately 31,000 people, and with Albury forms an urban area with approximately 80,000 people.HistoryFounded as a customs post with its twin city Albury on the other side of the Murray River, the town grew subsequent to the opening of the first bridge across the Murray in 1860. Originally named Wodonga, its name was changed to Belvoir then later back to Wodonga.The Post Office opened 1 June 1856 although known as Belvoir until 26 July 1869. It has been regarded as the smaller, less prosperous cousin of the two. Whilst still somewhat smaller than Albury, economic growth in both areas has ameliorated such distinctions.IndustryMajor secondary industries based in Wodonga include a logistics distributions hub , a large cattle market, a pet food factory , a can factory , a cardboard box factory , a hydraulic hose manufacturer, an abattoir, and a foundry as well as a variety of other, smaller enterprises. It also serves as a central point for the delivery of government services to the surrounding region.