WWE Royal Rumble 2017

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WWE Royal Rumble 2017
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Do You Think That This New Year 2017 Will Be The Year Of The #Demon_King !!!!! Comment Most.. Yes/No..

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It's gonna b d best ass kicking royal rumble of all times.

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#WWE_ROADBLOCK_2016 Quick Match Results: * Sheamus and Cesaro def. The New Day to become the new WWE RAW Tag Team Champions * Sami Zayn survived the 10 Minute Time Limit against Braun Strowman * Seth Rollins def. Chris Jericho * Rich Swann def. Brian Kendrick and TJ Perkins in a triple threat match to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship * Charlotte def. Sasha Banks in an Iron Man Match (including overtime) to become the new WWE RAW Women’s Champion * Kevin Owens def. Roman Reigns via DQ to retain the WWE Universal Championship

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#ROADBLOCK_2016 After the main event match, Chris Jericho grabs the WWE Universal Championship and smiles at Kevin Owens. He hands the title back to Owens and raises his arm in the air. Jericho and Owens start heading up the ramp celebrating when Seth Rollins walks out. Reigns with a spear to Owens on the outside. Rollins with a Pedigree to Jericho inside the ring. Rollins and Reigns clear off another announce table at ringside. Rollins lifts Jericho onto the shoulders of Reigns and Reigns powerbombs Jericho through the announce table. We see a shot of Owens starting to walk to the back when Rollins catches up with him. Reigns runs up to the ramp and they both attack Owens. They clear the main announce table off. Rollins puts Owens on the shoulders of Reigns and Reigns powerbombs Owens through the announce table. Both Rollins and Reigns stand tall getting a mixed reaction in Pittsburgh.

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#WWE_ROADBLOCK_EOTL_2016 WWE Universal Championship Match Kevin Owens (c) vs. WWE U.S. Champion Roman Reigns The bell rings and Kevin Owens bails to take a walk around the ring. Owens gets back inside and does this a second time. Reigns walks out and goes after him connecting with a right hand and tossing Owens back inside. Reigns with more rights. Owens bails again. Reigns bounces the face of Owens off the announce table. Back inside, Owens cuts off Reigns and gets in shots of his own including a chop. Owens with a headlock takedown. Reigns powers out planting Owens over the mat. On the outside, Reigns sends Owens into the barricade. Reigns is clearing off an announce table at ringside when Owens walks up hitting rights. Owens tosses Reigns back in and connects with a running senton splash. Owens with kicks to the lower back of Reigns, throws knees and stomps. Reigns catches Owens with a series of clotheslines. Owens avoids a jumping clothesline attempt by Reigns and bails to the outside. Reigns follows him out, grabs Owens and Owens drops Reigns throat first over the timekeepers barricade area. Owens then tosses Reigns shoulder first into the steel steps. Owens with a Senton Splash on Reigns over the floor off the steel steps. Back inside, Owens keeps Reigns grounded in a chin lock. Owens yells, “If you’re so tough why didn’t you put your title on the line!?” Owens with a neckbreaker and somersault over Reigns coming down with a leg drop.Owens goes back to a headlock to keep Reigns grounded. Owens misses another senton splash attempt when Reigns moves. Owens and Reigns exchange rights. Reigns connects with his jumping clothesline. Owens with a forearm. Reigns with a right. Reigns with a boot and samoan drop combo on Owens. Owens with a DDT on Reigns countering a Superman attempt for a two count. Owens mocks Reigns and connects with his cannonball in the corner. Reigns is right back up and connects with a Superman. Owens kicks out after two. Reigns with shots to Owens in the corner. Reigns has Owens up top. Owens with shots to the ribs of Reigns and elbows to the face. Reigns falls back. Reigns with a Superman to Owens who was sitting on the top turnbuckle. Reigns is climbing up top. Owens counters and drops Reigns down in a suplex off the top rope! Owens hooks the leg and Reigns kicks out after two. Owens attempts a swanton from the top, but Reigns gets his knees up. Reigns calls for the end in the corner and Owens rolls out. Reigns catches Owens with his drive by dropkick on the outside. Reigns tosses Owens back in and Owens rolls out again. Owens with two superkicks catching Reigns on the outside. Owens tosses Reigns over one of the announce tables and connects with a frog splash! The table stays up. Owens goes for a second frog splash and this time the table crashes as he connects over Reigns. The referee begins the count as Owens is back in. Reigns is back in at 9.Owens catches Reigns with another frog splash off the top turnbuckle immediately for a two count. Reigns with a sitdown powerbomb for a two count on Owens. Owens catches Reigns with a Pop Up Powerbomb lifting Reigns up and Reigns gets his foot on the bottom rope during the pinfall. Owens bails and grabs the Universal Championship. When he gets back in, he goes to hit Reigns and Reigns connects with a spear. Both men are down. Chris Jericho is inside the ring. Jericho with a Codebreaker on Owens. The referee calls for the bell. Winner via DQ and still WWE Universal Champion: Kevin Owens

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#ROADBLOCK_EOTL_2016 WWE Cruiserweight Championship – Triple Threat Match Rich Swann (c) vs. Brian Kendrick vs. TJ Perkins Austin Aries (replacing Byron Saxton) joins Michael Cole and Corey Graves on commentary for tonight’s Cruiserweight Championship match. The bell rings and TJ Perkins goes right after Brian Kendrick. Rich Swann with rights to Kendrick. Swann tries to jump over Kendrick and he ends up hitting him right in the face with his knee. That didn’t go well. Kendrick rolls out leaving Swann with Perkins. Kendrick pulls Swann out and lands a right. Perkins with a dropkick to Kendrick through the ropes and tosses him back in. Perkins with a knee bar on Kendrick after coming off the top rope. Kendrick breaks free and kicks Perkins in the face. Swann with a kick to the back of Kendrick’s head. Swann with a double huricanrana on Kendrick and Perkins. Swann uses Perkins to launch himself into Kendrick. Swann eats a big kick from Kendrick and Kendrick with a heel kick to Perkins resulting in a two count. Swann with a top rope dropkick catching Perkins. Kendrick has Swann down in the Captain’s Hook. Swann is reaching for the ropes. Perkins is back in and Kendrick kicks him away. Perkins gets a knee bar applied on Kendrick. Kendrick is reaching for the ropes. Swann with a splash over Perkins to break it up. Perkins catches Kendrick with a superkick. Perkins has the knee bar on Swann. Swann is able to get to the ropes to break it up. Cole reminds us it is No DQ rules in a triple threat and is wondering why he broke the submission. Swann and Perkins exchange elbows. Swann and Perkins with a double superkick on Kendrick. Swann with a superkick on Perkins. Swann hooks the leg of Perkins and gets the pinfall to retain his title. Winner and still WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Rich Swann

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#ROADBLOCK_EOTL_2016 WWE RAW Women’s Championship 30 Minute Iron Man Match Sasha Banks (c) vs. Charlotte The bell rings and the clock begins to rundown from the 30:00 mark. Lock up and Banks tosses Charlotte aside still staying locked up. Both roll around and remain locked up. Charlotte pushes Banks away. Banks works over the left arm of Charlotte. Charlotte with a headlock takedown on Banks. Banks with a headlock takedown of her own. Banks with knee strikes. Charlotte fires back with a shoulder tackle. Banks with kicks to Charlotte and catches her with a big elbow. Banks goes for a takedown, Charlotte rolls through and Banks goes for a Bank Statement. Charlotte counters and rolls out. Banks with pinfall attempts and then keeps Charlotte grounded in a front face lock. Banks drops Charlotte with a quick dropkick. Banks does the Flair strut in Charlotte’s direction. Charlotte kicks Banks in the face and then kicks her in the chest. Banks takes the back of Charlotte and goes for a sleeper hold. Charlotte breaks it up with a sitting jawbreaker that results in a two count off a pinfall attempt. Charlotte sends Banks face first into the corner repeatedly. Banks with double knees off the ring apron catching Charlotte. Banks with a backbreaker on Charlotte while pulling both of her arms across her neck. Charlotte breaks free and Banks kicks her right in the face. Charlotte with a high elbow and is tossed out by Banks. Banks with a suicide dive taking out Charlotte. Charlotte then sends Banks face first into the steel steps when she trips her up on the ring apron. Back inside, Charlotte mounts Banks and throws some right hands with 18:00 minutes left to go. Charlotte with a snapmare and knees to Banks. Banks avoids another knee from Charlotte. Charlotte with a backbreaker and neckbreaker combo on Banks. Charlotte drops another knee. Banks attempts a Bank Statement. Charlotte powers out tossing her to the corner. Charlotte drops Banks right on her head in the corner and gets another close two count. Banks with kicks and elbows to Charlotte from the corner. Banks with big chops and right hands to Charlotte. Banks with double knees in the corner, tosses Charlotte to the middle, goes up top and misses a cross body when Charlotte moves. Charlotte with a Natural Selection and Banks kicks out. Both are in the corner. Charlotte with a Natural Selection off the top on Banks and gets a pinfall. Sasha Banks: 0 Charlotte: 1 Charlotte is slapping Banks and getting confident. Banks fires back with slaps of her own. Charlotte with a big lifting back suplex and Banks kicks out. Banks is dropping elbows to the back of Charlotte’s neck. Series of counters by Banks and rolls up Charlotte for a pinfall. Sasha Banks: 1 Charlotte: 1 Charlotte quickly catches Banks with a boot to the face and a two count off the pinfall attempt. Charlotte gets Banks setup in the corner. Charlotte goes for a moonsault and Banks moves out of the way. Banks with the Bank Statement locked on. Charlotte gets close to the bottom rope. Banks turns her over and applies the Bank Statement again. Charlotte taps. Sasha Banks: 2 Charlotte: 1 Charlotte and Banks exchange shots. Charlotte trips up Banks in the corner and takes out the knee of Banks. Charlotte is trying to grab Banks and Banks is fighting her off. Charlotte throws another shot to the knee of Banks and then drops her body weight over it. Banks with a right hand to counter a Figure Four setup. Charlotte pulls Banks to the corner and throws her knee against it. Charlotte glances at the clock and rolls back in. Charlotte works over the knee of Banks and then pulls back on it. 2:40 mark and Charlotte is still working over the knee of Banks. 2:00 to go and Charlotte gets the Figure Four applied. Banks is trying to fight out of it. Charlotte is dragging Banks to the center of the ring. Banks is trying to turn over. Banks gets Charlotte turned over. Charlotte turns Banks back over. Banks and Charlotte are exchanging shots with 1:00 to go on the clock. 40 seconds to go and Charlotte is yelling at Banks to tap out. Banks is grabbing the arm of Charlotte. 20 seconds to go. Charlotte drags Banks to the center of the ring. Figure Eight is locked in. Banks taps with 3 seconds to go. Sasha Banks: 2 Charlotte: 2 We are tied as time expires. The referee rules the match will continue under sudden death rules. Charlotte with a shot to the bad knee of Banks in the corner. Charlotte is smiling. Banks orders for the match to be started. The bell rings and Banks with a close roll up for a two count. Charlotte with a fallaway slam on Banks. Banks with another roll up for a two count. Banks gets the Bank Statement applied. Charlotte is going for the leg of Banks. Banks is busted open over her nose and mouth. Charlotte counters and gets the Figure Four locked in. Banks is screaming out in pain. Charlotte is trying to bridge up to a Figure Eight as Banks is reaching out for the bottom rope. Charlotte drags Banks back out. Figure Eight is locked in. Banks taps out. Charlotte is the new champion. Sasha Banks: 2 Charlotte: 3 Winner and new WWE RAW Women’s Champion: Charlotte

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What happens RR vs KO

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#ROADBLOCK_EOTL_2016 Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho Rollins with a frog splash off the top. Kevin Owens runs down and Rollins with right hands to Owens kicking him away. Jericho with a small package and Rollins kicks out. Jericho counters a Pedigree and yells at Owens asking what he is doing. Rollins counters a Codebreaker attempt into a Pedigree for the pinfall. Winner: Seth Rollins

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#ROADBLOCK_EOTL_2016 Second Match: Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn in a Ten Minute Time Limit Match Winner: Sami Zayn After the match, Sami Zayn recovers in the corner as we see a very upset Braun Strowman. Strowman kicks the ropes.

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#ROADBLOCK_EOTL_2016 First Match: The New Day (c) vs. Sheamus & Cesaro for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Winner: New WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, Sheamus & Cesaro After the match, we see The New Day clutching the tag team titles in the corner. They get up and hand them over to Cesaro. Cesaro embraces New Day. Sheamus sees this, pulls away both tag team titles and celebrates up on the corner.

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Is This Gonna Happen??? 🤔🤔🤔 Only 10 hours remaining.... 🙄🙄🙄 Its Voting Time.. Yes/No.. Comment Most. 😎😎😎

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#ROADBLOCK_EOTL_2016 #Main_Event #Kevin_Owens(WWE Universal Champion)© vs #Roman_Reigns(WWE United States Champion) #WWE_UNIVERSAL_CHAMPIONSHIP