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Financial Advisers at Yes Financial Services are a highly experienced group of professionals who can help you to built a solid financial plan.l

Yes Financial Services
Unit E 871 Notre Dame Ave
Winnipeg , MB R3E0M4
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Yes Financial Services is working in a community to help peoples to manage and built their financial asset. Our associates are helping in Investments, Insurance and group plans. Our goal at Yes Financial Services is to be the best in our field. We strive to be knowledgeable and provide excellent customer service. For most people, making any financial decision regarding their money is hard. At Yes Financial Services, you can be sure that not only we take care of your needs, but we will educate you throughout the process. Let the professional staff at Yes Financial Services help you find the right insurance coverage so you can relax knowing that you are properly protected & provide excellent investment advice to built wealth. At Yes Financial Services we take pride in doing it right the first time and getting the job done. With Yes financial services, advice you can trust on and service you can count on.

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2 Ways to Save Up $200 Month!! 1. Bring Your Food to Work As you eat homemade Food at work you can save approximately $165-$200 a month. Other benefit is you know what you are eating and you know it is FRESH and HEALTHY. 2. SKIP a cup of Coffee Average Canadian drink 2.7 cup a day. Just reduce one cup a day can save you an average $35-$40 a month. Good you save $200 a Month!!! Put $200 into TFSA at 20 year with assumed 7% interest of return can put into your pocket $104,793 TAX FREE

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Q) What amount of life insurance should I choose and how do I calculate life Insurance amount? As you are thinking about Life Insurance, you want to make sure all your Debt and financial aspect are covered under Life Insurance, so they do not burden for your family. Here are some aspect you want to cover under Life Insurance 1) Take care of your children education 2) Paying down any debt (Mortgage, Car Loan, Credit Card, Life of Credit, Student Loan act) 3) Income replacement for your family (Decide how many years of your income replacement) 4) Funeral cost (In Canada Funeral coast usually start from $5000 to $25000) 5) Any other debt (Any browning from family members or any other debt) Here is a case study: - Joan and Amanda both are 35 years old and have 3 kids (Perry 7, Jack 5 and Anna 2). Joan annual income is $75000 and Amanda work part time and she earn $15000 annually. They own house for $450000 market value with mortgage on that house is $360000. Joan also have car Loan $15000 and Line of Credit $25000. Joan want Life Insurance for himself to protect from uncertain. Here is how to calculate for Joan 1. Debt $400000.00 (Mortgage + LOC + Car Loan) 2. Children Education $75000.00 ($25000 for each children) 3. Income replacement $1125000.00($75000X for 15 years) 4. Funeral cost $10000.00 5. Any other $21000.00 (3 month emergency funds) Total $1631000.00(Joan need $1.6 Million face amount Life Insurance) Here he can choose Term 15 or Term 20 for 1.6 Million.

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Why should you buy from Yes Financial Services? Yes Financial Services is committed to providing innovative and reliable insurance and investment solutions. We have working over 13 different insurance carriers that provide a whole host of term and permanent life insurance programs. We take a holistic approach when looking at your insurance needs and always try to exceed your expectations. We are also very active when you need us most – especially during the claims paying process – we walk the claimant through any necessary paperwork and follow up with the insurance company, making the process as seamless and as trouble free as possible.

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Q) How I can get money out from RRSP tax-free? Ans) You cannot take out money from RRSP tax-free. but under the federal first time Home Buyers’ Plan, you can withdraw up to $25,000 to purchase or build a principal residence. The catch is you have to repay the money to your RRSP over a period of no more than 15 years. Similarly, the Lifelong Learning Plan permits RRSP withdrawals up to $20,000 – with an annual $10,000 limit – to pay for FULL-TIME education or training for yourself. Generally, the money must be paid back over 10 years. If you repay less than the minimum amount in a particular year, the difference is added to your income and taxed accordingly.

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7 ways, how to build and preserve wealth? Want Becoming a Savings Guru! Building your wealth & preserving is almost every person's dream. After years of hard work, you want something to show for it. But how do you set aside the needs of the present and invest in your future? Here's a quick point on how to do just that. 1) Make your day to day Budget 2) Save money on every paycheck Setup PAC account and forget 3) Reinvest your tax refund, put money in TFSA, RRSP 4) Consider investing in real estate (physical or funds) 5) Never purchase expensive items on impulse. 6) Don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry, always make a list before go 7) Learn about how to use money wisely Talk to a financial expert to save and invest ( Yes Financial Services )

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No one ever thinks they're going to become partially or fully disabled during their working years, but one in six Canadians will be disabled for three months or more before the age of 50. Disability insurance matters. Having it — or not having it — can be life-changing. For more information please call at 204-415-6676

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There are two things certain in life; death & taxes! But are you aware of the potential costs of final expenses and liabilities at death? With Our Estate Preservation concept helps to calculate the capital needed to fund liabilities at death, including capital gains tax, RRIF tax, probate and other estate costs. Setup free one to one meeting please call 204-415-6676