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Region 17 is the region of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association containing Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. If you are a fan of Star Trek or other Sci-Fi series. STARFLEET is the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. Region 17 covers Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. We have chapters throughout the region that would love to have you hang out with them. Consider joining!

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The Zebulon Pike made the news yesterday.

Published on 2015-02-28 14:56:39 GMT

Incoming message from the STARFLEET Chief of Communications. =============== To my fellow members of STARFLEET: Welcome to the third monthly report from STARFLEET Communications! You've all probably been amused by the recent arrivals of CQ177 and CQ178 to your mailboxes, and I'm happy to report that CQ179 is now in the hands of the postal service and should begin arriving to your mailboxes world-wide in the next couple of weeks. CQ179 was the last of the published issues from 2014, and so I have some updates regarding what's next: - CQ180 (Q3 2014) is finished and in the print proof stage before we actually do the full print run for eventual mailing. A notice of the PDF being available for download should be emailed out in the next 24-48 hours. - CQ181 (Q4 2014) is currently in pre-production; layout design and article editing. - CQ182 (Q1 2015) is collating all of the awesome submissions we received from you guys, and we're awaiting the wrap-up of our special Leonard Nimoy memorial section. We've extended the deadline for that section out to March 15th, so please make sure to get your submissions to Liz Woolf before then. - CQ183 (Q2 2015) is already receiving submissions, the deadline is June 1st, 2015. The good news is that we're only ONE ISSUE AWAY FROM BEING CAUGHT UP with the CQs. 182 is slated to be completed by April 15th and printed/mailed out shortly after, which is ON TIME. I'd like to thank the many many people who pulled together and helped us get to this point: Dave Blaser, Tyler Carr, Justin Donovan, Mary Kane and the editing team!, Wayne Killough, Aaron Murphy, Denine Sanders, Tammy Willcox, and of course, Liz Woolf. Beginning with CQ182, we're going to begin a new section featuring chapters, MSG/MEUs, Regions, and Brigades in a special 'getting to know you' article each issue. I'll be working with CompOps to put up a new form on the website that you can fill out and send in information about your unit and we'll turn it into a feature. The more chapters we have participating, the more content we'll have to run with! Keep an eye out for that announcement! As always, if you're interested in writing for the CQ in any form, be it an editorial, or as a regular columnist, we're currently accepting ideas and proposals. If you have fanfic you'd like to run by us for publishing, we're happy to read your submissions and see if we can fit it all in to our upcoming issues. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me at Thank you very much for your patience! -- Ahead full speed, CDRE Michael D. Garcia Chief of STARFLEET Communications

Published on 2015-03-13 00:52:34 GMT

VCS Announcement of New Surgeon General, STARFLEET Medical Corps. On behalf of the Vice-Commander of STARFLEET, it is my pleasure to announce that COL Gregory Fant has been appointed as Surgeon General, STARFLEET Medical Corps. Please join me in congratulating him. Dr. Gregory Fant, PhD, MSHS, MPA, served as Flight Surgeon of the USS Tiberius in Region 2. He comes to STARFLEET Medical with a heavy background in the areas of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Global Health, Public Health, First Aid, and Blood Borne Pathogens. Currently he works in the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Dr. Fant brings a fresh outlook as he starts to upgrade the infrastructure of STARFLEET Medical, including a new operational plan. We look forward to seeing how STARFLEET Medical Corps will grow in the years to come. V/R Robin Fleet Captain Robin Woodell-Vitasek Chief of Staff to the Vice-Commander STARFLEET Commanding Officer USS Aurora Vulcanus NCC-1888, Region 4 775-379-5068

Published on 2015-02-03 21:30:06 GMT

Message from the Brass. It's a long post, someone feel free to get me a tl;dr version of this. :D My Fellow Fleeters: As usual the EC has been extremely busy with our many irons in the fire. So following is an update on what we have accomplished and what is still being worked on. Office of the CS I flew out to Fresno, California the weekend of my birthday (October 18th) to enjoy the Region 4 Summit. Chrissy Killian and Larry Barnes put together a fantastic event! I had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting several members of Region 4! BIG thank you to Chrissy and Larry, along with their staff, for their hospitality and for hosting a great weekend! I also want to welcome Chrissy to the Historian’s Department. She brings a wealth of knowledge with her to the department and I am glad to have her helping with this project. I would also like to thank David and Craig for all that they did over the weekend (from trying to kill the taxi at the airport when picking me up to looping around in circles so I could get pictures on my last day)! I had a blast!! The event raised over $600 for their charity…the STARFLEET Scholarship fund. This was a great fundraiser for our scholarships and something that other Regions might think about for future Summit charities (hint, hint). J I am happy to announce that our IC Liaison, Marian Murphy, is back in Texas and just as feisty as ever! She says she knew it was time to come back home and is glad to be back (I personally think the medical professionals in Rockford got together with some pitchforks and torches, but the photographs I asked for as proof haven’t arrived yet…LOL!). Speaking of IC…we are still working on closing the books on IC2014. Every time I start asking questions with our point of contact at the host hotel, they either quit or they are released before we get any answers. I think I am on my fourth contact right now. I’m hoping this matter can be resolved soon, as I am not sure they have much staff left to lose! It has been brought to my attention that some members have not received the IC2014 T-shirt or the Registration Packet (to help support the event) that they ordered and paid for; I want to make absolutely sure we get this taken care of as quickly as possible. If you have not received your merchandise, please contact me directly at Are you curious to see what the Admiralty Board has been meeting about and discussing? We have added additional AB Meeting Minutes to the website for you to review. We started this process earlier this year and mentioned it on the lists. Since then, we have added additional sets of minutes as we continue the process of transcribing and documenting all AB Meetings into official sets of minutes. For those members who are interested in the financial records and reports, please remember that these can be found in each issue of the Communique (which can currently be found online). [The printing of the CQ is discussed below in the Communications section.] On a personal note: I have finally moved into my new apartment (well, I am in the apartment…the moving and unpacking saga continues!). I currently do not have Internet at my apartment (I am on the waiting list to have the service connected). I am using the Internet at work and my cell phone until the one and only local ISP gets to my name on the list. Office of the VCS Hayden Segel and his team have been working to get the VCS Office caught up in their various activities. I am happy to report that the Denver MP Team had another packet party last Sunday (which spilled into Monday) and processed and mailed a large number of packets. For those of you who have been waiting on your packet, please keep an eye out for yours. The list was based off of the last pull date from Membership Processing, as well as information that I have received from members (through emails, Help Desk tickets, MSRs, RSRs, etc.). If I received notification that you were missing your packet, you were on the list provided to MP. If you have not received you packet by the end of November, please submit a new Help Desk ticket ( so that we can track the issue. For those of you who missed the original posting, we have a new Membership Processing address. Please use the below address for all membership processing mailings: STARFLEET PO Box 2706 Denver, CO 80201 The Help Desk has received a lot of traffic lately, so I would like to thank the Help Desk Team (Melissa Hadley, Michael Garcia, James Ortega, etc.) for all of their hard work. Robin Woodell-Vitasek, Chief of Staff to the VCS, has been busy assisting with transcribing the AB Meeting Minutes to keep us in compliance with North Carolina statute. All of the 2014 meetings have been transcribed and have either been approved and are available on the website (as mentioned above) or are being finalized to go before the AB for approval. All of the recordings from 2013 are next on the list. Office of OPS Robert Westfall and his staff have been receiving MSRs and RSRs for October and are preparing them for entry into the Database (once that piece is back up and operational). I would like to extend my thanks to all Chapter Cos/Reporting Officers for their patience and cooperation during this time. I would also like to thank the Regional Coordinators who are assisting with report compilations during this timeframe. Your dedication to your members and to STARFLEET is much appreciated! Robert would like for me to remind everyone to please NOT enter your October or November MSRs into the Database – even when the MSR section is back up and operational. The Operations Department will make an announcement once Chapters are cleared to enter November MSRs in the Database. Jumping the gun and entering a MSR prior to that announcement will cause a duplicate entry to be created and thus cause problems when it comes to record-keeping, therefore OPS will handle entering MSRs covering the month of October. If you have any questions about this, please contact Robert at Office of COMMS So, the million-dollar question on everyone’s minds is, “Where is my CQ?” That is a good question. Here is the answer. We received notification from the United States Postal Service that our Postal Permit was no longer valid. This caused the printing and mailing of Issues #177, #178, and #179 to be stopped. I had reached out to the Postal Service for clarification on the situation, while Bran Stimpson, Head of Membership Processing and man on the ground in the Denver area, reached out to the Mailing House that we use. Bran discovered that the current Mailing House has not been using our mailing permit anyway, so there should not be any delays due to this as long as we removed our postal permit verbiage from the CQ. I notified Liz and Michael about this situation and asked for them to remove the postal permit verbiage and to update the MP address on the CQ files, then resubmit them to our printing company for processing. This did not happen. In the mean time, I continued trying to work with the Postal Service and am happy to report a MAJOR UPDATE!! On Friday, I finally heard back from the US Postal Service (rather, the right person with the US Postal Service). There were issues with our permit, which I am happy to state were fixed! I was so happy over this that I jumped up and did a happy dance at work…which caused my boss to inquire if I had completely lost my mind! After getting this information from the Postal Service, I reached out to our contact at our printer. They stated they did not have the files for Issues #177, #178, and #179, so they would need to be resubmitted. I went over the current situation with them and they provided me the information on submitting the files to them for printing. The files were worked on this weekend to have the necessary modifications made to them, per my discussion with the USPS. Issue #177 has been finished and submitted to the printer. Issue #179 is being edited as I type this. I have reached out to Liz over Issue #178, as I need some information from her. We are hoping to have these two completed and submitted within the next couple of days. Once all of the modifications have been made and the files have been submitted, I will reach out for an ETA on each. This information will be relayed to the membership as soon as I have it. I must now announce that I have accepted Liz Woolf’s resignation as Chief of Communications, STARFLEET. Liz’s work schedule has gotten increasingly hectic and, as such, she isn’t able to continue providing the hours of attention the Communications Department needs. I am saddened by this, as Liz and I have worked together for years in various areas of Fleet and have previously served on the EC together (many, MANY moons ago!). She actually discussed this with me a few weeks ago. I was under the impression from our conversation that she was going to make a post, but it appears that there was a misunderstanding in that communication. That is why the announcement is being made now. Michael Garcia, Vice Chief of Communications, is in a similar situation as Liz with work and other ever-increasing responsibilities; therefore he has also submitted his resignation. I have gotten to know Michael within the past several months, and he is a very eager member who loves helping wherever he can. He is also learning, unfortunately, that as much as we want to help with everything all the time…there are times when we must pick and choose what we can do and what we have to pass on to others. He helps in several areas of STARFLEET, from the chapter level to the International level. Add his family and his career to that and you have a mile-high plate…and one person can only do so much. Liz and Michael both have agreed to stay on and assist with Communications until a new Chief of Communications is selected and confirmed by the Admiralty Board. I wish them both the best in their travels and I know we will all be seeing them around Fleet helping where they can and when they can. At this time, I would like to announce the position of Chief of Communications, STARFLEET is now open for applications. Per the Membership Handbook: "The Chief of Communications (COC) is the fourth in command of STARFLEET and is responsible for the timely publication and distribution of official Fleet communications materials. The COC is also responsible for overseeing the triennial STARFLEET election process for Commander and Vice-Commander of STARFLEET, and usually serves as Election Coordinator. At the discretion of the Commander, STARFLEET, the COC may be responsible for the publication of other Fleet documents or publications. The COC is appointed by the Commander, STARFLEET, and shall report at least once per month to them. The Chief of Communications shall be at least 23 years old." While the position of Chief of Communications, STARFLEET is traditionally a managerial position, we need to make sure that this person can also assist with (or, if need be, produce) the Communique. The Chief of Communications will need to be able to ensure all materials are processed appropriately through the Copy Editors all the way through layout editing. A background in newsletter design is greatly desired, whether professionally or as a hobby. The Chief will also serves as the point of contact for our printing and mailing vendors, ensuring that materials are printed and mailed in a timely manner. The Chief of Communications, STARFLEET is responsible for serving as the Chief Moderator of the SFI-L, TenForward-L, and SFI-Announce-L lists, as well as overseeing the Social Media aspects of STARFLEET. They work directly with our Director of Public Relations to ensure marketing and PR opportunities are not missed. This individual will also be required to attend scheduled EC Conference Calls and vote on promotions and award nominations. The Chief of Communications, STARFLEET serves as the Election Coordinator for the triennial STARFLEET election for Commander, STARFLEET and Vice Commander, STARFLEET. This places this individual working closely with the Inspector General, STARFLEET, throughout the election process. If you are 23 year old, are a member in good standing of STARFLEET, and you are interested in serving STARFLEET in the capacity of Chief of Communications, STARFLEET, please submit your application directly to me at All application emails must consist of a letter of intent for the position, your real-life resume, your STARFLEET resume, a synopsis of any newsletter/layout experience, and examples of your newsletter/layout experience. The deadline for submitting your application is Wednesday, December 31st. This will ensure we have enough time to review all applicants, make a decision, and submit the candidate to the Admiralty Board for their confirmation during the January AB Meeting. If you have any questions about this position, please let me know. Office of SFA Peg Pellerin and company have been keeping busy as usual with the Academy. All graduates have been added to the Database, so there should not be any backlog in this area. If you are missing a course in your Database transcript, please contact the respective Director and they will be glad to get this updated for you. Office of COMPOPS We have several updates in this department, as Laura Victor and her team have been very busy for the last few weeks. First, I want to make sure everyone knows that, contrary to what you might have heard, the government of Iran did not hack our website nor did they infiltrate our database records. A hacker who wanted to have a few kicks hacked into the website and was able to temporarily change the front page. Laura acted quickly and corrected this issue, resetting passwords and ensuring our data was secure. At no time was the member database information accessed and only the front page of the website was affected. The Database Team is working diligently to get the entire Database back online and operational for our members. I know some of you are seeing “gibberish” at the top of some pages. That is visual code and permission logic that is helping the team with their troubleshooting and code changes. This is not a permanent situation and once the code changes have been made this will no longer be visible. Laura and her team are presenting information on a potential new provider for our infrastructure, which will allow us more capabilities than Dreamhost and without the many issues we are currently facing. We are still reviewing this information, but this is a situation that CompOps management has as High Priority. Migration plans are being laid out to get our services separated from Dreamhost as soon as possible. Office of CFO Linda Olson has been processing Quartermaster requests as quickly as she receives them. She has also been looking at potential new stock for both SFI and the SFMC. She has been doing a fantastic job keeping track of finances, both coming in and going out the door. The annual 990 Report has been completed and was submitted to the IRS on time (yay!!!). My eyes have been crossed for quite some time over this report, so I am very, very happy that this has been balanced, completed, and submitted! That is what has been happening with the EC. The good…the bad…and the ugly! It has been a non-stop roller coaster ride and there are days that honestly never end, but the team has not stopped working for our members. We continue to work, continue to fix problems, and continue to get as much accomplished as possible. We are here and we are working to get services back on track. There have been a few members that have stepped up to the plate and volunteered to help. I truly appreciate that and we are looking how best to utilize their talents appropriately. If you are interested in helping in a specific department of STARFLEET, please reach out to the respective EC member and they would be glad to accept your help. As always, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., my door is open. I am here to serve (which means I am going to continue working 18+ hours a day…every day [if necessary] until these issues are cleared up and resolved). Now, back to work I go! In Service, Wayne Fleet Admiral Wayne Lee Killough, Jr., SFMD Commander, STARFLEET Commanding Officer, Retribution

Published on 2014-11-22 15:39:41 GMT

Message from the COMMANDER, STARFLEET. Members: The search for a new Chief of Computer Operations, STARFLEET has been finalized. I would like to announce that Admiral Laura Victor has been confirmed by the Admiralty Board as the new Chief of Computer Operations, STARFLEET. Laura has been with the CompOps Department for many years now, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table in this position. Please join me in congratulating Laura on her new appointment. I would also like to announce that we have a new PO Box for Membership Processing. Since MP has moved to Denver, we set up a new PO Box there, so this will ensure Membership Applications are processed without delays of having to manually forward mail from the previous office in New Hampshire. Below is the new address: PO Box 2706 Denver, CO 80201 The Membership Application has been updated on the SFI Website and the address has also been updated within the Database. If you have any questions, please let me know. In Service, Wayne Fleet Admiral Wayne Lee Killough, Jr., SFMD Commander, STARFLEET

Published on 2014-10-15 04:00:08 GMT

Message from the CS Members: I hope all is well with everyone and that all members are enjoying the autumn so far. I hear there are many cold bugs floating around, so make sure you don't get hit by one (I took a bite out of crime and knocked me down for about a week!). When you cannot see because you are sick, then that is a nasty bug! Region 7 had their annual conference over the weekend in Binghamton, New York, hosted by the USS Serling. I haven't heard back from anyone who attended, which makes me think everyone had such a good time no one’s conscience enough to report! If you were in attendance, and you can see your keyboard, let us know how things went. :) Region 4 will be having their annual Summit October 17th - 19th in Fresno, California. That is my birthday weekend (Saturday the 18th I take one more step toward 40...kicking and screaming! LOL!). The USS PeaceKeeper will be hosting the event. For more information, check out their website at On this end, I have been working with the hotel from IC2014 to get everything finalized, as there are some questions regarding some of the charges they have not been able to explain to my satisfaction. I have also been working on our Annual 990 report for the IRS. If you hate doing taxes, you can imagine the jovial mood I have been in. Speaking of jovial moods...our very own IC Liaison, Vice Admiral Marian L. Murphy is back in Texas! Yay!! She wanted me to say thank you to everyone for your thoughts, prayers, cards, etc. I haven't had the opportunity to see her yet, as I have been busy on this end. (It also keeps me out of arms (or cane’s) reach in case she is mad about something, but she doesn't need to know that. LOL!) The holiday season is approaching, which means my diet will soon take a nose-dive off the Grand Canyon! I love this time of year...unfortunately my scale doesn't! I am still waiting for the plastic surgeon to come out with a procedure to transfer body mass from an overweight person and transplant it into an underweight person. The day that hits the headlines, I am first in line! All joking aside (well, partial joking, I am still waiting for the announcement!) for those of you who are working on getting into better shape and walking or jogging is your thing, remember that STARFLEET has a team on Moonjoggers ( This is a great way to keep track of your mileage when you exercise. I have noticed that we have had a few members within the last few weeks pass on into the "Great Unknown". This saddens me, as it is a reminder of how fragile life is and how quickly it can end. I found out about Tiny after hearing a voicemail from our SFMC Commandant, General Michael McGowan. He was a dear friend and will definitely be missed by many people. Outside of Fleet, I have lost three close friends within the last few weeks. Seeing friends and family pass on both in and out of Fleet has led to some emotional times lately. It is during these times, and times like we just had with Marian being in the hospital, that I am reminded what makes STARFLEET stand out more from any other organization...our members. We can fight and bicker all day long with each other, but when one of us is sick, or in pain, or no longer with us, we come together and show our support. That attribute is something that many in this world could learn from, and it is something that many not currently in Fleet would welcome with open arms. Always remember that, as it will definitely help you through the bad times and make you look forward to the good times. In Service, Wayne Fleet Admiral Wayne Lee Killough, Jr., SFMD Commander, STARFLEET Commanding Officer, Retribution Station, SFR-1202 Director, College of Medicine, STARFLEET Academy Toll Free: 1-888-SFI-TREK (734-8735) ext. 701

Published on 2014-10-07 22:44:24 GMT

Good morning Region 17! Enjoying the weather today? Got any fun plans with your chapter coming up?

Published on 2014-09-29 14:55:43 GMT

***WIDEST DISSEMINATION POSSIBLE*** Greetings, STARFLEET! Perhaps you've heard some talk today regarding membership in SFI and other clubs. Throughout the discussion, there seems to have been a notion raised that SFI members can't be members of the Honorverse fan organization known as The Royal Manticoran Navy, or TRMN, or that TRMN members are prohibited from joining SFI. Simply put, and let me be clear about this, nothing could be further from the truth. There are a number of SFI members, myself included, that are members of TRMN and vice-versa. I've already spoken with the TRMN president, and together, we intend to issue a joint statement dispelling this notion once and for all. As soon as Martin and I get our statement together, we will get it out across our respective and shared networks. I hope for now though , this puts an end to this undoubtedly false rumor, at least on the SFI side. Thanks, have a good evening, and thank you for all you do for STARFLEET. V/R Hayden Hayden S. Segel Rear Admiral Vice Commander, STARFLEET Commanding Officer, USS Potomac NCC-2051 (R1) Toll Free: 1-888-SFI-TREK (734-8735) ext. 702

Published on 2015-02-19 00:40:17 GMT

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the game night tonight! We had a great time.

Published on 2015-09-28 05:03:19 GMT

At the 2015 STARFLEET International Conference in Niagara Falls NY several award and promotion announcements were made. The 2014 Web Awards were announced by STARFLEET Chief of Computers Operations Laura Victor. Most Elegant: USS Serling, R7 Webmaster: Ian Jensen Most Trekish: USS Corsair, R3 Webmaster: Trisha Tunis Most Informative: USS DaVinci, R2 Webmaster: Leiko Burningbear Best User Interface: SFI Medical Webmaster: Dr. Gregory Fant, PhD STARFLEET Chief of Communications Mike Garcia has announced the annual SFI Newsletter Awards. Brigade Newsletter: 3rd Brigade, Cry Havoc! Best Regional Newsletter: Region 20, The Commonwealth Best Chapter Newsletter: Angels’ Flight, USS Angeles, R4 And of course the 2014 Annual Award Winners! Commanding Officer of the Year: Captain Lisa Stuckey, R7 Chapter of the Year: USS Alba, R20 Support Ship of the Year: USS Alba, Region 20 Shakedown Chapter of the Year: USS George Washington, R1 Flag Officer of the Year: Admiral Linda Kloempkin, R6 Enlisted Member of the Year: PO2 Dawn Allenbach, R2 Junior Member of the Year: Cadet SSGT Edward Tunis IV, R3 Officer of the Year: Captain Eilidh Montgomery, R20 A hearty and warm congratulations from all of us here in Region 17!

Published on 2015-08-27 19:11:25 GMT

A message from the IC 2015 chair, for those going to the SFI International Conference this year. ** For Widest Distribution ** *** Please share with chapter, MSG and MEU lists/groups *** As we're approaching IC2015, we find ourselves in need of some help for our programming - we need some folks who are attending who can help us out being a panelist or moderator for a panel. Our programming info is about to be updated on the IC2015 website soon, but here are the panels which we need help with: * How do you effectively sell STARFLEET? - I've got an E-Mail out to a possible moderator/panelist right now, but in the case of this panel a second or third participant would be great to help keep the discussion moving. This panel is to discuss how to properly market both your local chapter as well as STARFLEET as an organization. Discuss what has worked for you in the past, what hasn't worked, and use the discussion as an opportunity to learn from each other. * Managing Chapter Finances - This panel is to discuss how chapters raise and use their finances, talk about proper financial recording and controls so participants can get ideas from one another and learn to do things generally better. Topics may also include things that shouldn't be done, like taking loans out from the chapter, or how certain ways of keeping your chapter's money may not be a good idea. * Care & Feeding of your MSG or MEU - This panel is a chance to talk with other Marines about how things work in their MSG or MEU and how to keep the things you do fresh, interesting and fun. * STARFLEET Marine Corps Academy - What are the hot courses in the Marine Academy this year? Talk to other Marines about the Corps Academy and their experiences with the courses that they've taken and get suggestions on how to succeed in the courses you take. This is NOT an opportunity for Marines to "borrow" materials or get answers from others in order to make their own exam responses look better. * SFMC Uniforms - How the SFMC Uniform Guide can help you look the part, and suggestions of where you can get items for your uniforms (hopefully without incurring too much expense). Talk to other Marines about where some of the items were purchased for uniforms and find out what options there are available when putting together an affordable, yet good looking uniform! If you are interested in volunteering to help moderate or be a panelist for any of these discussion panels that will be taking place at IC2015, please send me a private E-Mail at PLEASE NOTE: Discussions taking place during the SFMC panels do NOT necessarily mean that policy will change, but certainly any ideas or suggestions to the GS will be discussed and considered. -- Dave Blaser Chair, IC2015

Published on 2015-05-24 15:58:21 GMT

Attention Region 17 Your Regional Chaplain and Chief of Communications here. I wanted to take a moment to comment on some subspace shockwaves being made in the region right now. I'm not going to take sides on the letter that is being sent to ship captains right now, but I do want to comment on how this is not how things should be done. If you have a complaint against someone, then there are proper channels that you can go through to get the issue resolved. You should start by going to that person directly, and if that isn't working then get your chain of command involved. That's what it is there for. If you want someone to be an unbiased mediator as you go through this process then know that your Chaplain is here to help either directly or by finding someone who can assist in that role. Or, if you think there is something serious going on, then contact the SFI IG. Sending out an anonymous letter that makes multiple accusations without evidence tries to tear down individuals and leadership by name calling is inappropriate and unnecessary. These types of actions make STARFLEET look petty and childish. It gives us a bad image among other groups. So, moving forward, let's please try to control this a little better. As your Regional Chaplain I am more than willing to talk with you in confidence (my secrecy in these situations is guaranteed) if you just need to rant or want to actually take action against someone. I'll try my best to help keep heads cool and help coach you on the best way to escalate a situation, if it needs to be done. So please don't hide behind a printed piece of paper, and don't send things to other Captains to stir up dissension. Thank you, Jon Zenor, Captain Region 17 Chaplain Liason Region 17 Chief of Communications CO USS Zebulon Pike